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Academic License Takes a Break over the Summer!

Jul 28, 2015

Published in: University News

Academic License Takes a Break over the Summer!

It’s that time of year again. Bright sun, warm days, and maybe an adventure or two! For the most part, this also means that universities and colleges with landscape design courses are either on break or hosting a very limited class schedule.

Hopefully you’re now hard at work in an internship, or some other opportunity, over the summer. You may have even noticed that your academic license is now expired. This is normal, and happens every year. However, if you need to use Land F/X as a student, you have a few options depending on your status:


Working in an Internship

·      You’re enrolled in 2016 courses for September, and you’re working in an internship for the summer but want to train on Land F/X outside of work.


·      You’re not working in the landscape industry, but you want to train on Land F/X to prepare for a future class.

In either case, you’re best suited for a regular 30-day trial of our software. Academic licenses can’t be used outside of actual coursework (and no, coursework does not include training for an internship or for a future class). To ensure a speedy approval, sign up for a trial here and mention in the comments why you need the trial.

If you’re working in an internship and apply for a trial to train, remember that personal trials cannot be used in your internship office. You’ll need to use that office’s paid licenses, or, if they don’t have a license, apply for the trial through the office. We offer a special deal for student interns who introduce Land F/X to the offices where they work between classes: If the office ends up purchasing after the trial, we’ll credit you with a personal free license and a year of support after you graduate!


Taking Summer Classes

·      You’re taking a course during the summer, and have realized that your license has expired.

Have no fear; we offer individual extensions for those actively taking classes during the summer! Click the Technical Support button in your installation, and give details on your course. Give the name of the course, the instructor’s name, and a link to a course description that can confirm it’s running through the summer. I’ll get back to you if I need more information to get you up and running!


Recent Graduate

·      You graduated in the spring.

Welcome to life after school! This is the end of your academic license support, but you still have options. See the Working in an Internship section above if you’re trying to train for a new job. If you’re starting your own landscape business, you can still apply for a 30-day trial before purchasing. We offer great discounts to newly graduated users.


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