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Learning, Inspiring, and Spreading the Knowledge

Apr 13, 2016

Published in: University News

Learning, Inspiring, and Spreading the Knowledge

After a month that included CELA and LABash, we’ve certainly learned a lot and developed some incredible plans for the academic program moving forward!


CELA confirmed for us that the level of research going on in landscape architecture today is truly inspiring. Here at Land F/X, we want to be an avenue for the spread of ideas, as well as a hub of knowledge for the landscape architecture and irrigation design professions. With this, we plan to make more connections with academic researchers and continue featuring cutting-edge design ideas in our free webinars. We can be a portal between research and practice. We have the technology!


Jeremiah and Amanda also attended LABash in Columbus, Ohio, and got fired up for the future of landscape architecture. Many thanks go to the LABash 2016 organizing committee from The Ohio State University for putting on an excellent conference, with several amazing speakers. We’re also looking forward to next year’s LABash at the University of Maryland, and we hope to see you all there too.


During our adventures, we’ve heard tell that several universities have standard custom CTB files that students are required to use on their projects. Are you at one of these schools?


If so, you may not know that you can customize your Preference Set in Land F/X to match the colors used by your university’s CTB file. It’s also very good practice for adapting Land F/X to a company’s existing style settings in the future – which you will likely have to do as a landscape architect! Simply follow the steps on the pages linked below to fix up your settings so any blocks you download are automatically switched over to your university's CTB colors.



If your school does have a CTB file that you need to match, also let us know by submitting a support ticket. We’re looking into creating customized Preference Sets for each school that requests them, starting next fall. This will make it even easier to use Land F/X for your academic work.


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