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Summer Academic Licenses and Deals for new Grads

Jun 13, 2016

Published in: University News

Summer Academic Licenses and Deals for new Grads

If you're a student or a professor, you've probably noticed that something has changed! Don't worry; this happens every year. The main academic license shuts down each summer, while most students are getting some excellent internship experience.

Depending on your institution's academic calendar, the academic license expires on either May 31 or June 30. For our Australia or New Zealand friends, you're good until November 30.

This time of year also brings up some other important aspects of the academic license that you need to know:

  1. If you're a faculty member, or a student who is taking a summer course, you can access our summer extension academic license. Phone us, email, or contact Land F/X support to find out what's needed to gain access.

  2. If you're in an internship with a firm that doesn't use Land F/X, but you think they should be, talk with your employers and help them sign up for a trial license to show off the time-saving features you've already learned. Any trial set up by a student that leads to a purchase will earn that student one free Land F/X license with a free year of support. That's a great way to jump-start your career with your own professional license after graduation.

  3. If you're a current student or a recent graduate looking to use a professional license for your design venture, or you're a faculty member wanting to use Land F/X in your side business, you qualify for our 50% academic discount at any time of the year.

Take advantage of these academic perks, and make the most of your summer!

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