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2016 Tour Wrap-Up

Nov 04, 2016

Published in: University News

2016 Tour Wrap-Up

October was a wild month! It was amazing to meet and talk to all the students at the eight Landscape Architecture university departments from the tour this year. We also met many students at the ASLA Expo and received a lot of great feedback.


As a result, in this blog we'll cover some of the in-depth questions asked by students during the presentations:


1. How long is the student license for?


The student license will remain available during the academic year as long as you are a student and using it for academic purposes only. It will shut off during the summer months but turn back on at the start of every academic year with a new Support ID. You can then reactivate your existing installation by filling out the academic license application form again to get the new Support ID. It's fast and easy, and you can keep all your work from the previous year!


2. How often does Land F/X update with new features?



Land F/X will push out updates almost every week! Just check out our Land F/X Version Update History to see for yourself. This includes new tools, existing tool improvements, and bug fixes. At this 2016 University Tour, I showed many tools that were only a few months old! Since the tour, we've released an improvement to our Spot Elevation and Grading tools, as well as our Text with Leader tools. If you haven't already, I suggest setting your Automatic Update Reminders to check every day. Updates take less than 30 seconds when you open AutoCAD and an update is available. Keep in mind that you need to restart AutoCAD after installing an update for it to take effect.


3. How much does Land F/X cost once I graduate?



The regular prices can be found on our purchase page. For recent graduates, we offer a 50% off discount. A recent graduate is considered a past student who registered for the student license while at university and graduated up to one year ago. As you can see, it pays to register for the license! Students starting their own professional business over the summer before graduating also qualify. Then, as a third bonus, students who register during the academic year and go to an internship job between years (before they graduate), and then introduce Land F/X to their internship company with a 30-day trial that then leads to a purchase, will receive one free Land F/X license when they graduate. Just register. You never know when you'll be in one of these situations, and you'll wish you had!


4. What are employers looking for in a résumé and portfolio?



This depends on the company, so it's really smart to include one very best example for each type of skill. Most firms, such as the one where I used to work and review portfolios, are looking for good communication skills. These include CAD drafted plans and details, rendered plans and 3D perspective images, and examples of your design process. A detail of a tree planting, a fence, or other landscape element drafted in AutoCAD is great to include. Land F/X can also help you get the professional look right, with the help of our detail tools.


5. Can you use manufacturer benches and site furniture in Land F/X?



Yes, we have many manufacturers in our Reference Note amenity system, and we're adding a lot more. Our manufacturer blocks come ready for Site Color and are attached to a SketchUp component for the Land F/X SketchUp Connection plugin. Plus, you can then create schedules for RefNotes with costs and call them out on a plan.


6. Can you change the color of Land F/X's color symbols?



Yes, you can change the color of any hatch within one Land F/X's preset tree blocks or Plan/Elevation Graphics by using Site Color to click and change it. Watch our Power Tip on how to do that!


7. Can the Land F/X SketchUp Connection plugin transfer changes back to AutoCAD?



Yes it can. If you move, copy, or delete a Land F/X component in SketchUp, you can send the design back to AutoCAD to update it using the Export Design tool in the Land F/X SketchUp toolbar.


8. How would you draw an elevation with Land F/X?



For a simple elevation, draw a line where you want the section to go. Then tick off crossing elements that you want to show on the elevation, such as paving edges, buildings, trees, and fences. Make a copy of all these items off to the side, and rotate them to be horizontal. Draw vertical lines up from the tick marks for the items with known elevation, then connect the dots. You can use Land F/X's Elevation Graphic blocks to quickly show a lot of objects in your section, such as trees, people, cars, and structures.



Do you want your university to be included in the 2017 tour? We're starting to organize that tour right now! Email me at, and put me in touch with the event organizer in your department! We've worked with professors, department coordinators, and ASLA Student Chapter Presidents with great success over the years to bring students closer to our professional staff to discuss Landscape Architecture, Land F/X, and smart CADD drafting skills.

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