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November Summer Haze

Dec 05, 2016

Published in: University News

November Summer Haze

For those students in the Southern Hemisphere who are preparing for hot summer temperatures this time of year, you should also be preparing for your very own summer academic license shut-down! This only applies to schools in Australia and New Zealand, as well as some schools in southern Asia. If you are taking a summer course, please contact me to obtain a summer extension academic license. Otherwise, feel free to introduce your internship companies to the trial, or wait until February to fill out the academic license form again. You'll be able to access your school's new Support ID and reactivate your install at that time.


For all students, November is another crunch time for your final projects. Prepare for it with some very short Power Tip Videos that cover advanced planting plan tricks. They're so short, you could watch them while brushing your teeth. Go ahead and save yourself some time while blowing away all your classmates with your drafting wizardry. Don't forget to tell them where you learned it!


Power Tip: Advanced Labeling Techniques
Power Tip: Show Context with New Viewport
Power Tip: Printing Your Entire Plant Palette
Power Tip: Exclude Shrubs

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