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Guest Lecture at University of Washington

May 20, 2013

Published in: University News

Guest Lecture at University of Washington

We recently conducted a guest lecture for University of Washington’s LARC 433 – construction documentation class with Professor Ben Spencer.  The students at UW are excited to begin using Land F/X in their projects, and Dave has even agreed to translate the current office standard pen file the class is working on so it would work with the Land F/X colors.  Professor Spencer later commented, “The presentation was great!  We’ll let you know about future presentations.”  Many classes around the nation that are using CAD for their student projects are now beginning to incorporate Land F/X for the easy features in planting plans, plant schedules, creating plant mixes and hatch patterns, and more.  We are always available to do a guest lecture at your school, and pizza is always provided, so let us know.

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