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3-D Design Contest Winner Announced

Oct 01, 2013

Published in: University News


Congratulations to Sarah Davids for winning the 2013 Student 3-D Design Contest!  She gets to take home a brand new 3-D printer and some major street cred on the Iowa State University campus.  Thank you to everyone that entered the contest.  We had several contenders that we will be posting to the site in the coming days.  Be sure to follow us to Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned.

Ms. Davids' Ginkgo model exceeded all of our design criteria and looks great.  The file size was 104kb, which makes it easy for users to download on demand, it has a nice asymmetry and most importantly, done with a minimum of overhead in SketchUp -- barely 2,000 edges, and under 500 faces. The leaf structures are very cleanly constructed, and convey a great sense of foliage, as well. Consider the tens of thousands of leaves on an actual tree of this size, the millions of edges and faces, and you start to realize the incredible effort in simplifying that down to something that looks fantastic, yet still allows a user to move about in the SketchUp model.  An incredible, incredible effort.  Take a look for yourself by downloading the model below.


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