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University Tour

Our annual University Tour is always a fun, albeit hectic, event on our calendar. Most years we visit 5 campuses in 5 days to connect with landscape architecture students across the U.S. and help them get to know our software.

We’ll show you everything you need to know in your quest to become a Land F/X and AutoCAD master. Stay tuned to find out whether your campus is on our itinerary.

Get a front-row seat at the Land F/X show!

We'd love to see what the University Tour looks like from your perspective. Post pictures of our presentations to the Land F/X instagram.

LABash 2023

Be sure to attend!

If we won't be coming to your school this year, you can always check us out at LABash.

Where we've been


University Tour Map


University Tour Map

Amanda speaks at Michigan State.

Michigan students listen intently.

Amanda arrives at Michigan State!

Check out the beautiful campus of Michigan State.

Amanda before the presentation!

Check out the turn out at Michigan State.

The summery grounds of Cal Poly Pamona.

Sunglasses are a necessity in Pamona.

Cute little walking bridge on the Pamona campus.

What a gorgeous lawn!

Texas A&M, the big entrance.

Great design work on the Texas campus!

The friendliest welcome committee!

A great showing at Texas A&M!

More memories with new friend at Texas A&M.

Texas A&M waiting room for Amanda's presentation.

University of Illinios redbricks.

Concrete quad at University of Illinios.

Amanda being silly in Illinios.


University Tour Map

Amanda speaks to a full house at Ball State.

Ball State shows up!

Land F/X hits the big screen!

Cal Poly's landscape architecture program gets a dose of Land F/X.

All those dots on the map? Our clients.

Laying it down at Cal Poly.

Future LAs at Cal Poly learn the tools of the trade.

On the road at Penn State, also the host of LABash 2018.

We're always ready for questions at our University Tour.


2016 University Tour Map

Amanda tells it like it is, West Virginia University.

The eager young minds of West Virginia, 2016.

Land F/X class begins.

Kansas State, the workshop.

Where imagination takes form.

Beautiful topography model from Kansas State.

Temple University, home of the Owls.

Amanda's care package, tour freebies for the students.

First come, first served.

Red looks good on me too.

Everything's set at Temple for the presentation.

Another shot of their great classroom.

Temple has a great campus.

They don't call it the Tree Campus USA for nothing.

University of Kentucky, 2016.

Lovely model from Kentucky students.

University of Kentucky has a classic campus.

No smoking!

Drainage system on University of Oregon campus.

The wall is alive!

Integrated plants and architecture.

University of Oregon listens to our presentation.

Amanda at the arch at Washington State University.

Gorgeous grounds at Washington State University.

Rare October day of summer in Washington

Swag. Get it hot.

Looks cool from this angle, too.

State-of-the-art computer lab facility at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The playground.

Kansas State University, 2016.

Packed classroom at Kansas State.

Talking through CAD plans with students at Kansas State.

Fielding questions from a curious student.


2015 University Tour Map

The long dashed line of University Tour 2015.

Land F/X demonstration, University of Georgia, 2015.

Good point! University Tour 2015.

University Tour, University of Georgia, 2015. Yes, food is allowed.

Land F/X storms the campus, Iowa State University.

Texas A & M is ready for Land F/X, 2015.

Wait, is that the Land F/X Tesla? It certainly is ...

... captured by happenstance and signboarded at Purdue University. What are the odds?!

Checking out the architecture at Ball State University.

LA students show off their work at Purdue University, 2015.

Another day, another beautiful campus: University of Florida.

Texas Tech welcomes Land F/X.

Jeremiah making the rounds, Texas Tech University, 2015.

Dinner whilst trapped at Lubbock Airport (in a historical storm), 2015.


2013 University Tour Map

Go Ducks! 2013.

University of Oregon is primed for Land F/X, 2013.

LA students at U of O are ready to get the scoop.

On the road in Oregon.

Pizza party/Land F/X workshop.

University of Idaho awaits. Watch out for Vandals!

En route to campus, 2013.

What a great place to talk about landscape architecture!

Time to present, 2013.

Repurposing retired steelworks, 2013.

Lots of urban renewal opportunities.

Another great plan.

Site visualization – the next step.

A quick meal stop. Then back on the road.

Caffeine: Where would the University Tour be without it?

Pulling into Colfax, WA, en route to Washington State.

What can we say? We love our burritos.

Pastoral bliss, highway edition.

Yet another gorgeous campus. Utah State University.

Ready to learn about Land F/X at Utah State, 2013.

Braving the elements at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 2013.

A winter wonderland in Fort Collins.

An eager group awaits our presentation at Colorado State.


University Tour Map

Land F/X visits the Lone Star State, Texas A & M University.

The venue fills, University of Georgia, 2012.

A packed house of Wildcats, Kansas State, 2012.

The trees wave hello at Purdue University, 2012.

The Land F/X show goes on, West Virginia University.

A stack of future landscape architects, Ball State University.

Pizza: the fuel of college students across North America. University of Guelph.


2008 University Tour Map

Cornell University shows off its Ivy League grandeur.

A pizza-tastic Land F/X workshop, 2008.

Gearing up to learn Land F/X at University of Maryland.

More pizza, more learning, North Carolina A & T University.

Did we mention that there's pizza? North Carolina State University.

Theater seating. Nice.

Jeremiah fills the bleachers, 2008.

Land F/X University Tour: It's an international affair.

Playing to the crowd, 2008.

A rapt audience in the dark.

More eager participants.

... and more pizza!

Partying it up in '08.

Yet another packed house.

Showing off the software, 2008.

Jeremiah with a new friend, Penn State football game.

Cheering for the Nittany Lions, Penn State, '08.

Don't have Land F/X yet?

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