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  • Friday, 27 January 2023

    Update 19.04

    ENTERPRISE command, merged into Install Info dialog from Preferences.

    BatchMan, Nuke option added to save options.

    BatchMan, Layer Names and Colors functionality improved with pre-scanning of files, and new dialog box.

    Size Mainline, Select Valves, dialog box migrated to OpenDCL.

    HotFix: Plant Schedule, when re-generating multiple schedules, Plant Data field association is correctly retained.

    HotFix: RefNote Schedule, site amenity material color data is removed from description.

    HotFix: Watering Schedule, when sending to Excel, system uses Windows and Excel numeric preferences for decimal separator.

    HotFix: Common function to determine if object is inside of area, for Multileaders uses arrow end-point if possible.

    HotFix: Mimic, when windowing pipe, only affects the same class as first segment selected.


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