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  • Friday, 27 March 2020

    Update 16.36

    Lighting, downlight lighting throw patterns, additional logic to avoid duplicate or non-planar points.

    Irrigation Manager, adding Custom equipment to project, default block is downloaded before displaying edit dialog.

    Custom Bubbler, Custom Drip Emitter, allow changing symbol.

    Edit Light Fixutre, displays both Watts and Volt-Amps.

    Lighting callouts, display Watts to one decimal place.

    Move Piped Equipment, supports pipe with hops.

    HotFix: Calling out a transformer before wiring it, will not assign first tap.

    HotFix: Water Source, correctly places revised naming of POC and Water Meter blocks.

    HotFix: Common Multileader function, if multileader style already exists, system respects current setting of landing distance.

    HotFix: Detail Manager, additional error handling for slow network drive response when looking for photos.


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