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  • Friday, 31 July 2020

    Update 16.65

    Detail Callouts, Naked style callout switched to Mtext field.

    Update Detail Callouts, processes both modelspace and paperspace entities at once for better performance.

    Irrigation Flow Zones, switched to MLeaders.

    HotFix: Irrigation Schedule, when selecting a Work Area, allows selecting the multileader work area title.

    HotFix: Irrigation Schedule, Drip Emitter Area without any emitter assignments, will not generate error.

    HotFix: Recalculate Zones, turns off spray radius layers.

    HotFix: Highlight Station, allows selecting circuit or flow zone mleaders.

    HotFix: Detail Explorer, Save Detail, additional error handling for bad/missing xml data.

    HotFix: Placing details, when a detail contains a callout to another detail that is not in current project, callout is not mistakenly reverted to a placeholder.


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