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  • Friday, 16 August 2019

    Update 15.74

    Plant Manager, adding plants to project, partial name search also queries common name.

    Edit RefNote, updated to latest programming standards.

    Plan Graphics, Elevation Graphics, Discipline Graphics, Detail Blocks, require blocks to be stored in a sub-folder.

    Save Block, simplified validation of block name length.

    Save Block, enforces saving into a sub-folder of one of the block libraries.

    HotFix: Labeling Concept plants, with Field1 option, labeling trees/shrubs will not generate error.

    HotFix: Lighting Manager, drag and drop fixture, with local data, will not generate error.

    HotFix: Editing a generic plant, converting to a schedule plant, with color render turned on, will not generate error.

    HotFix: Placing dimscale blocks into metric plan drawn in centimeters, blocks are scaled correctly.

    HotFix: Arc Leader, with local data, does not generate error.


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