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Working with Blocks

Blocks are essential components of any CAD design. It's important to maintain a proper standard for the blocks you use, as well as to make sure your blocks are easy to adjust and place. We'll go over the role played by blocks within our software, showing the various types of blocks you have access to and how they all function. We'll also show you how to integrate your personal set of custom blocks into our system. You'll come away from this prese...

Jaymz Wooden

Presented by Jaymz Wooden

Recorded: Sep 18, 2020

Simplified SketchUp Modeling

The prospect of creating a 3D model of your design can present some unique challenges. Clients will often expect this service for their understanding of the space, but many won’t want to pay for it. Tune in to learn about some essential tools and tricks for maximizing the quality of your 3D rendering while minimizing your time spent on it. Opening with a tutorial on creating your base files within SketchUp, directly from the finished CAD plans,...

Jake Lott

Presented by Jake Lott

Recorded: Sep 04, 2020

Digital Design Tools on the Go

Are you tired of fumbling with your laptop as you try to get some work done while away from the office? Whether you need to travel, visit a job site, or meet with a client, you have myriad technological options that can make it immeasurably easier to make design decisions and show off your work. We’ll take a look at some phones and tablets, as well as a few pertinent applications that will help maximize your efficiency and creativity while on t...

Paul Houchin

Presented by Paul Houchin

Recorded: Aug 28, 2020

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