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Irrigation Webinars

Irrigation Tips & Tricks

Aug 10, 2018
In this webinar, we cover some advanced tools that you may or may not know about. You'll also learn a few techniques and best practices to apply that will help speed up your workflow when creating your irrigation design.   Webina...
Irrigation Tips & Tricks

Understanding Pressure Regulation

Apr 27, 2018
As water conservation becomes more crucial, so does the need to design irrigation systems that minimize water use. Pressure regulation devices increase the efficiency and performance of your system designs by reducing the water pressure to a s...

Common Land F/X Questions

Apr 06, 2018
Land F/X is a powerful collection of tools that works immediately out of the box for instant efficiencies, but it has a lot of deeper levels. Once you've harnessed their full capabilities, these lesser-known tools can help reduce a two-week dr...
Common Land F/X Questions

Real-Time, Sensor Driven Irrigation Using Two-Wire Technology

Mar 30, 2018
The effective management and monitoring of water applied to landscapes requires real-time data to start, stop, or pause, irrigation cycles. The use of precision flow, moisture, and pressure sensors enhances a system's performance by making int...

Connecting Flow Sensors in Complex Situations

Aug 25, 2017
Smart controllers can monitor flow in real time to detect unscheduled flow, leaks, or excessively high or low flow, and then take corrective action to minimize the problem and send an alert. Although it can be simple and straightforward to install ...
Connecting Flow Sensors in Complex Situations

Integrating Master Valves Into Your Design

Aug 11, 2017
This webinar will introduce and explain a wide scope of valve concepts that will be relevant for an irrigation designer. You’ll learn about how valves work, what pressure loss and flow considerations you need to keep in mind, and how to select a...

Drip Irrigation

Jul 28, 2017
Water is precious, and so is your time. This webinar will help ease your burden by showing you how to use drip irrigation. We’ll go through the entire process – from placing drip rings, bubblers, single emitters, emitters by area, and dripline...
Drip Irrigation

New Irrigation Features

May 26, 2017
Our development team has been a bit busy, and it's definitely showing. We wanted to give you a peek at some of the new irrigation features we've added to Irrigation F/X. In this webinar, we'll show off everything from our new Pipe Data and pipe si...

Advanced Irrigation Troubleshooting

Apr 21, 2017
In this webinar, we'll teach you how to think like a Land F/X irrigation troubleshooter. We'll take a deeper look into issues such as why your symbols don't match, why you would see the message "Error accessing equipment data," and how to fix...
Advanced Irrigation Troubleshooting

How The Manufacturer Connection Works

Apr 07, 2017
The Manufacturer Connection is the relationship between the designer and manufacturer that Land F/X has used to separate ourselves from other design software programs. Join us for a webinar on how we've nurtured this important relationship an...

Greyflow: Greywater Systems

Mar 31, 2017
Fresh water is becoming scarcer and more expensive every day. Join us for a webinar on Grey Water Reuse in Domestic & Commercial Applications – a fascinating topic that has been gaining traction amid our diminishing water resources. Pre...
Greyflow: Greywater Systems

Irrigation Tools – What you need to know

Mar 17, 2017
  While this webinar might be a review for many of our users, we want to make sure everybody understands the ins and outs of basic irrigation setup using our software. We will discuss why we set things up a certain way, and how to fi...

New Age of Smart Irrigation: IoT and Big Data Webinar

Jun 13, 2016
Smart irrigation has come a long way since its debut, back when technology was focused on providing the right amount of water at the right time and in the right place. In the current era of increasing water prices and ever-changing water rest...
New Age of Smart Irrigation: IoT and Big Data Webinar

Two-Wire Technology

Mar 04, 2016
Two-wire technology is fast becoming the industry standard in irrigation design. The use of two-wire in design, installation, and maintenance of an irrigation system offers a number of material and labor cost advantages. However, not all two-...

Schematic Irrigation

Mar 02, 2016
Tired of the hassle of making continual changes to your irrigation design layout at an early stage? Try our Schematic Irrigation tool. Not only is it simple to set up, but it will give you a wealth of information – without the need for much...
Schematic Irrigation

Land F/X 141: Introduction to Irrigation F/X Design

Feb 24, 2016
Learn to create a professional irrigation plan in this academic-oriented webinar. We will cover quick workflows for designing an irrigation system and calculating flows – all possible with the tools that are available within the F/X Irrigation...

Working with Scale

Feb 19, 2016
Scale is the most fundamental Land F/X feature. In this webinar, we'll start with the basics of scale in both Imperial and Metric systems. We'll then continue into advanced tips and tricks for creating a perfect-looking sheet.   ...
Working with Scale

Monitoring Irrigation for Green Roofs

Jan 29, 2016
Green roofs and walls present several irrigation challenges while trying to manage aesthetic expectations and plant health. Knowing when and how long to irrigate an engineered medium in an extreme environment requires a precision instrument t...

Irrigation Tips & Tricks

Jan 15, 2016
In this webinar, we cover some advanced tools that you may or may not know about. You'll also learn a few techniques and best practices to apply that will help speed up your workflow when creating your irrigation design.    ...
Irrigation Tips & Tricks

Greywater Systems

Oct 05, 2015
Water is an extremely important and often scarce resource. Some locales are feeling the scarcity more than others. While "smart" or "efficient" equipment is definitely available to put into your landscape, our upcoming webinar will cover a to...

Golf Course Irrigation

Sep 11, 2015
Golf course irrigation is a design skill in and of itself. In this webinar, we'll demonstrate some of the great tools Land F/X offers to help ensure proper mainline sizing and scheduling. We'll also discuss some of the key points to remember ...
Golf Course Irrigation

Existing Irrigation

Jul 21, 2015
At some point, every irrigation designer will need to add to or alter an existing system. This type of project can be among the most difficult. This week's webinar will cover a few different scenarios you might encounter as you design based o...

Intro to Irrigation

Jun 15, 2015
Although our upcoming webinar will cover the basic Irrigation capabilities of Land F/X, this is one webinar that even advanced users will not want to miss. We'll show how to use the Schematic Irrigation tool to lay out a project at the concep...
Intro to Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

Jan 16, 2015
  Join us this week for a great discussion on Drip Irrigation. Water is precious and so is your time, so let Land F/X help lift your burden by showing you how to place drip rings, bubblers, single emitters, emitters by area, and d...

Efficient Irrigation for Small Spaces

Oct 31, 2014
  Irrigation design is already complex enough without the added challenges of small spaces. Join us this Friday as Chris takes you through the challenges of and solutions to irrigating in restricted areas.     D...
Efficient Irrigation for Small Spaces

New Land F/X Feature: Center Pivot Design

Sep 03, 2014
      Jeremiah shows off the latest addition to Land F/X: a Center Pivot designer. Center Pivot irrigation has become no less than a mainstay of feeding the planet since its inception in 1948. Yet surprisingly, its ...

Customizing Irrigation F/X

Aug 27, 2014
    Join us this week as we walk you through a similar step-by-step customization of the Irrigation features of Land F/X. Webinar Content (note: The following catalog of content in this webinar is time st...
Customizing Irrigation F/X

Irrigation Designing in Drought Conditions

Aug 11, 2014
    With drought conditions worsening throughout the United States, water efficient designs become crucial for Landscape Architects and Irrigation Designers. Dariush Bakhtar will give you tools and considerations when design...

Irrigation Getting Started

Jun 03, 2014
  This webinar covers the basics of getting going with the Irrigation capabilities of Land F/X. We will show how to use the Schematic irrigation tool to lay out a project at the conceptual level, and then the basics of adding equipme...
Irrigation Getting Started

Irrigation Valves: Presented by Buckner-Superior

Mar 28, 2014
  This supporting manufacturer webinar will be of interest to any irrigation designer. The folks at Buckner-Superior will be educating users on a variety of topics relevant to irrigation master valves. From fundamental theory to adva...
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