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Power Tip: Polydivide

Sep 24, 2018
Feature:  Polydivide Our POLYDIVIDE tool provides a quick way to divvy up a region in your drawing into equal sections. Just select any closed polyline and choose the number of sections you want. That area will be divided into unifor...
Power Tip: Polydivide

Power Tip: Behind the Software: Land F/X

Sep 14, 2018
Behind the Software: Land F/X   The Behind the Software series examines the compelling personal story of the rise of Landscape and Irrigation Design Software, Land F/X. Follow us on our journey to explore Land F/X’s growth fro...

Power Tip: How to Start a Project in Land F/X

Aug 01, 2018
Feature: How to start a Project in Land F/X Your first step in working with our software is starting a new project – we recommend starting a new project for each new design job. A Land F/X project is where you store your plant palette, ...
Power Tip: How to Start a Project in Land F/X

Power Tip: BatchMan!

Jul 13, 2018
Feature: BatchMan! Have you ever wished for a faster way of making multiple adjustments to a set of drawings? Want to clean multiple files at once while also applying layer names, colors, and font standards? Watch this Power Tip to ge...

Power Tip: What’s New with FX CAD 2019

Jul 01, 2018
In this short video, we'll go through everything you'll get when you upgrade your old CAD to F/X CAD 2019. We've built even more helpful tools into the ribbons, the Quick Access Toolbar includes more essential drafting tools, layer management...
Power Tip: What’s New with FX CAD 2019

Build a Website for Your Landscape Architecture Company

May 25, 2018
You’re running a small business, and you have neither the time nor the knowledge to make a slick-looking website. Unfortunately, a strong Web presence is essential for doing business in this day and age. But fortunately, it's not as difficul...

How to use Land F/X with Dropbox

Apr 12, 2018
If you have multiple users in several locations, or even if you just need to work from different computers at different times, Dropbox with Cloud Data is a great solution. With your LandFX folder in a shared online location using a service ...
How to use Land F/X with Dropbox

Activating F/X CAD

Mar 30, 2018
Licensing, or activating, F/X CAD requires two steps. First, you'll generate a Request Code. Upon receiving your Request Code, Autodesk will generate an Activation Code, which we'll send you – usually within one to two business days. I know...

Power Tip: How to Cross Reference Plans

Mar 08, 2018
Feature: How to Cross Reference Plans Once you start taking on bigger projects, your Model Space can become far too cluttered. Breaking up a drawing into separate plans using Xrefs not only cleans up Model Space but allows for more than o...
Power Tip: How to Cross Reference Plans

Power Tip: Another 5 Tips for New CAD Users

Feb 07, 2018
Feature: Another 5 Tips for New CAD Users Can't get enough of efficiency? Dreaming of becoming the best of the "best practicers" when it comes to F/X CAD and AutoCAD? Then this Power Tip video is for you! We cover 5 more CAD tips every la...

Power Tip: 5 Tips for New CAD Users

Jan 04, 2018
Feature: 5 Tips for New CAD Users After your first jump into F/X CAD or AutoCAD, you want to get started right away with best drafting practices. These 5 simple tips are critical to learn before you can stop calling yourself a beginner. E...
Power Tip: 5 Tips for New CAD Users

Power Tip: What’s New with F/X CAD 2018

Oct 03, 2017
This year's version of F/X CAD is a must-have upgrade full of long-awaited improvements that make everyday drafting more intuitive and less time-consuming. Do you select lines often? How about attaching PDFs or opening drawings? Use Autosave?...

Power Tip: Automated Server Migration

Jul 05, 2017
Maintaining your data and making sure it's secure/accessible/safe is always a big concern for every business, but what happens when its time to move the data to a new server? Performing a Server Migration can be a big project for any compa...
Power Tip: Automated Server Migration

Power Tip: How to Purchase Land F/X via Paypal Credit

May 11, 2017
If you are in a difficult financial situation, or you would like to split your purchase into multiple payments, Land F/X offers our clients the ability to finance their purchases via PayPal Credit. Before you begin, please be sure to have you...

Power Tip: What's New with F/X CAD 2016

Apr 08, 2016
F/X CAD 2016 came with many performance improvements, including smooth copying of linework, the ability to snap to the center of a polygon, polyline revision clouds, multi-line text additions for dimensions and frame options. See how those fe...
Power Tip: What's New with F/X CAD 2016

Power Tip: What's New with F/X CAD 2015

Aug 01, 2014
F/X CAD 2015 was a big year for interface improvements. Key features include a new start screen, multiple drawing tabs within the program, a dark color scheme for eye strain, command previews, and new text editing tools in MTEXT like automati...

Power Tip: What’s New with F/X CAD 2017

Oct 21, 2016
Feature: What's New in F/X CAD 2017 You have many reasons to upgrade to F/X CAD 2017. This Power Tip goes through a few useful features, including PDFIMPORT, CENTERMARK, CENTERLINE, and adjustable dialog boxes. Keep your CAD up to date an...
Power Tip: What’s New with F/X CAD 2017

Power Tip: Cleanup Zoom Extents

Aug 19, 2016
Aside from drawing cleanup, perhaps the most important step to take with a drawing you receive from a colleague, consultant, or client – or any drawing, for that matter – is to Zoom to Extents. You might be surprised at what you find. ...

Power Tip: X Marks the Angle – The Xhair Tool

Jul 28, 2016
  Need to match a specific angle in your drawing when drawing a line or placing a line of plants, a row of irrigation heads, or any other group of objects? Try using Xhair Angle. While AutoCAD includes a similar command based on typi...
Power Tip: X Marks the Angle – The Xhair Tool

Power Tip: Create a Discipline Block with Attributes

Jul 14, 2016
Our Discipline Graphics blocks provide some helpful attribute-driven symbols, but what if you want to make your own block with customized attributes? Follow the steps in this Power Tip to create a smart symbol of your own!   Visi...

Power Tip: Getting the Latest Land F/X Blocks

Jun 16, 2016
  It’s no secret that Land F/X has a great database of blocks to use in your design process. What you may not know is that we're constantly improving and adding to this library, which is cloud based. That means each time you open y...
Power Tip: Getting the Latest Land F/X Blocks

Power Tip: Saving Hatches

Jun 06, 2016
Saving a hatch into the Land F/X database makes that hatch accessible directly from our software. More importantly, it gives you more control over the hatching process. You’ll be able to scale your hatches automatically, change their rotati...

Power Tip: Using our Customized AutoCAD Ribbons

May 10, 2016
This week we bring you a Power Tip showing how to install the F/X CAD ACAD ribbons into AutoCAD.   Visit our F/X CAD 2016 ACAD Ribbon documentation section. Want your suggested feature published?  Feel free to share it i...
Power Tip: Using our Customized AutoCAD Ribbons

Power Tip: Sharing the Land F/X Folder

Apr 12, 2016
If you’re in an office with multiple Land F/X users, sharing a centralized company-wide Land F/X folder can be extremely beneficial. For example, whenever one of your colleagues customizes a block or detail, those changes will be instantly ...

Power Tip: Match Properties Window Selection

Apr 01, 2016
Whether you need to switch out one head or valve in your drawing, or hundreds of plants at a time, our Match Properties tool – inspired by Andrew Spiering – will help make your life easy. Watch this Power Tip to see how Match Properties a...
Power Tip: Match Properties Window Selection

Power Tip: fxREF

Feb 18, 2016
The process of attaching an Xref to a drawing includes some complexities that can cause problems related to scaling and origin point. Our fxREF tool helps you navigate more easily through the Xref system, avoiding many of these issu...

Power Tip: Technical Support

Jan 19, 2016
If you run into issues while using a Land F/X product, you can submit a support ticket directly from AutoCAD (or F/X CAD). Before we can diagnose the issue, we'll need to look at your drawing and the associated Land F/X project. That's why we...
Power Tip: Technical Support

Power Tip: Set a Viewport Scale with Land F/X

Jan 14, 2016
Have you ever wanted a foolproof method for setting the Viewport Scale? Just use our Plot Scale tool! Watch how easy it is to assign a viewport with any scale you want – with no math necessary.   Visit our Setting Scale & U...

Power Tip: Intro To Nuke

Oct 22, 2015
Drawing cleanup is absolutely integral to designing with AutoCAD – yet too many CAD users know little or nothing about it. The unfortunate result? Complications that lead to lost work and hours, days, and even weeks of lost time. In res...
Power Tip: Intro To Nuke

Power Tip: How to Create a Dimscale Block

Aug 18, 2015
What do you do when a symbol is too big for small scales, but too small for larger scales? You make a Dimscale block! We'll show you to save a block that will automatically scale to the right size, regardless of the scale in your layout. ...
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