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Details Power Tips

Power Tip: Detail Bubble Callouts

Aug 09, 2018
Feature:  Detail Bubble Callouts.  Are you labeling elements in one of your details? Try using bubble callouts! Check out this week's Power Tip for some great information on getting the most out of detail bubble callouts and the...
Power Tip: Detail Bubble Callouts

Power Tip - How to Upgrade FX CAD

Jul 27, 2018
In this Power Tip, we'll go over the necessary steps for getting your new F/X CAD purchase installed after upgrading to the latest version. We'll show you where to download the installer and how to find your Product Key, Serial Number, and ...

Power Tip: Creating a Multiline Detail Title

Jul 16, 2018
Feature: Creating a Multiline Detail Title.  Until recently, Land F/X users were limited to creating a single line of text for their detail titles. Check out this week’s Power Tip video for all you need to know about creating a mul...
Power Tip: Creating a Multiline Detail Title

Power Tip: Detail Templates

Jun 16, 2017
Detail Templates play a vital part in your ability to create and save your details into our software. In this Power Tip, we'll show you some cool new features to help speed things along. From customizing the look of your template to placing d...

Power Tip: Detail Tools in 2 Minutes

May 01, 2017
Once you start working with details using our software, you'll discover a whole new world of time savings in your office workflow. Save your office detail library into a design- industry-standard organization system, place a detail in your dr...
Power Tip: Detail Tools in 2 Minutes

Power Tip: Print Details

Apr 14, 2017
The Land F/X Detail system can organize all your details under a single, cross-referential hierarchy. But what good is that if you can’t maintain a classy Detail Binder? Working with Amanda Berry, and Aaron with Mills Design Group, we have ...

Power Tip: Detail Enlargements

Sep 14, 2016
When building details, you'll often find yourself needing to provide a close-up view of a detail component that shows a more intricate and detailed view of that component. One of the biggest challenges in creating these enlarged sections lies...
Power Tip: Detail Enlargements

Power Tip: Cloud Details

Aug 16, 2016
Land F/X provides an extensive library of details that are all based in the cloud and instantly downloadable. You can use the details as they are, edit them or even create your own.   In our latest Power Tip, learn about the fold...

Power Tip: Replace Details

Mar 24, 2016
If CAD details play a significant role in your drawings, make sure you're familiar with how to replace your details efficiently. For example, if your project specs change, you may need to change out some or even all of your details. That's wh...
Power Tip: Replace Details

Power Tip: Convert Imperial Details to Metric

Aug 25, 2015
It’s common to find yourself in a situation where you need to convert a detail from Imperial to metric units in order to have it scale properly in a metric plan. Here’s a short video on how to take that detail and quickly rescale it to me...

Power Tip: Advanced Detail Callouts

Aug 04, 2015
De-clutter your detail callouts with some simple yet effective methods offered by Land F/X. In this Power Tip, we'll show you how to build upon the default information for detail callouts, how to customize the callouts themselves, and how to ...
Power Tip: Advanced Detail Callouts

Power Tip: Save Details by Jurisdiction

Jul 06, 2015
Take a moment to watch how you can take standard City or Municipality details and save them into the detail explorer for quick access during a routine project. We go over saving a CAD, PDF or JPG format detail, and recommend a filing method t...

Power Tip: Detail Blocks

Jun 10, 2015
Creating details has never been easier – especially when you use our detail blocks as a starting point.  From using the existing detail library to saving your own, making details should be a fun task – and we are here to help. We wil...
Power Tip: Detail Blocks

Power Tip: Detail Sheets

Mar 09, 2015
Do you have a set of standard details that you tend to use in each of your projects? Placing each detail individually can become tedious and time consuming. Land F/X helps you place multiple details into your drawings quickly and easily. Lear...

Power Tip: Batch Detail Save

Dec 29, 2014
Have you ever needed to make multiple changes to a set of details and then spent too long saving each of them individually? Try our Batch Detail Save tool – yet another feature that makes Land F/X fun and easy to use!   Visit o...
Power Tip: Batch Detail Save

Power Tip: Detail Dimension Styles

Jul 18, 2014
Suggested by: Land F/X This week we bring you a Power Tip for setting the default dimension style for details drafted using Land F/X.   Visit our Detail Dimensions documentation section. Want your suggested feature publis...

Power Tip: Detail Window Templates

Jun 13, 2014
Suggested by: David Fox This week's power tip was inspired by David Fox, who was looking for a way to save details to a non-standard size. 1 Select the Insert Detail Template option from the F/X Details menu. 2 Spe...
Power Tip: Detail Window Templates

Power Tip: Detail Bubble Callouts

Jan 31, 2014
Suggested by: Kimley Horn & Associates Ever miss a label in your detail? If your labels are ever out of order, or, you need to add a new one along the way, select the bubble callout icon from the detail builder. Drag the...

Power Tip: Naked Callouts

Jan 06, 2014
Hello!  Welcome to another Power Tip by your friends here in the Land F/X Labs.  Based on a feature request by Land F/X user, Jonathan Haigh, this week's Power Tip uncovers a provocative new feature we call  – naked callouts....
Power Tip: Naked Callouts


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