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Irrigation Power Tips

Power Tip: Mass Placement Options For Irrigation

May 30, 2018
Feature: Mass Placement Options For Irrigation Whether you have a large commercial site or a simple residential irrigation system to design, speed and efficiency are our goals. This Power Tip will go over some great tools to help you – ...
Power Tip: Mass Placement Options For Irrigation

Power Tip: Delete Station

Mar 27, 2018
Feature: Delete Station Have you been spending too much time deleting pipe, labels, or equipment from your design? Here's some good news: Our Delete Station tool gives you full control over removing all pipes, callouts, both pipes and hea...

Power Tip: Keyboard Commands + Smart Arc

Mar 06, 2018
Feature: Keyboard Commands + Smart Arc This week we bring you a Power Tip for using keyboard commands and the Smart Arc feature.   Visit our Placing Heads documentation section. Want your suggested feature published? &nbs...
Power Tip: Keyboard Commands + Smart Arc

Power Tip: Sizing The Mainline

Feb 08, 2018
Feature: Sizing The Mainline While you may be used to the way Irrigation F/X sizes the mainline once your design is complete, that's just the beginning. In this Power Tip, we'll show you some other helpful tools that will speed up the way...

Power Tip: Manufacturer Connection: A tool for manufacturers

Feb 02, 2018
Our Manufacturer Connection doesn’t just help designers. Manufacturers who join the Land F/X family can be confident that their product blocks and details meet the most stringent CAD standards and are accessible from AutoCAD via our uniq...
Power Tip: Manufacturer Connection: A tool for manufacturers

Power Tip: Managing Lateral Pipe Classes

Jan 09, 2018
Feature: Managing Lateral Pipe   We take the stress out of juggling multiple classes of pipe in your irrigation design. Need to toggle between Poly and PVC? Potable and non-potable? See how easy it is to configure your classes an...

Power Tip: Splitting An Irrigation Zone

Jul 13, 2017
Feature: Splitting An Irrigation Zone With irrigation plans, quick design changes are imperative. In this Power Tip, watch how we adjust on the fly to a typical revision need. We’ll show you how to split a zone, re-draw the pipe, resize...
Power Tip: Splitting An Irrigation Zone

Power Tip: Head Layout Using Copy Along Line And Polyline

Oct 09, 2017
  With our Copy Along Polyline and Copy Along Line tools, you can copy a head in your drawing and paste it along a specific path. We’ve added keyboard shortcuts for each of these tools, which are available once you’ve begun placi...

Power Tip: Irrigation Tools In 3 Minutes

Oct 03, 2017
Has anyone ever asked you why you use our software for irrigation – or you are still contemplating it yourself? This video will lay it out for you, or anyone you know. Give us 3 minutes, and we’ll show you why we offer what we think is th...
Power Tip: Irrigation Tools In 3 Minutes

Power Tip: Work Areas

Jul 11, 2017
Work Areas allow Land F/X users to create areas within a drawing so that they can be worked on individually but still be part of the whole drawing. Using Work Areas is like working on a drawing within a drawing. Check out this week's Power Ti...

Power Tip: Using Layer Filters to Organize Layers

May 17, 2017
If you want to work efficiently in AutoCAD, layer organization is key. Using layer filters can be a huge help in keeping your layers organized. This Power Tip will show you how to use filters to group your layers, making them infinitely more ...
Power Tip: Using Layer Filters to Organize Layers

Power Tip: Customizing Rotary Symbols

Mar 28, 2017
Each block in our vast library of irrigation symbols is already predefined in the system and assigned to a manufacturer, so you won't even have to think about setting it all up. But what about customizing the symbols themselves? In this Power...

Power Tip: Customizing Drip Symbols

Feb 22, 2017
It's no secret that you have a lot of options for showing drip equipment on your plan. To give you even more flexibility, we've organized our drip symbols into families – just like our spray heads. Watch this Power Tip to see how easy it is...
Power Tip: Customizing Drip Symbols

Power Tip: Customizing Irrigation Equipment Symbols

Nov 09, 2016
  Each irrigation symbol in our vast library is already predefined in the system and assigned to each manufacturer, so you don't have to worry about setting things up. In this Power Tip, we'll show you how to incorporate your own...

Power Tip: Match Properties Window Selection

Apr 01, 2016
Whether you need to switch out one head or valve in your drawing, or hundreds of plants at a time, our Match Properties tool – inspired by Andrew Spiering – will help make your life easy. Watch this Power Tip to see how Match Properties a...
Power Tip: Match Properties Window Selection

Power Tip: Verify Mainline

Dec 21, 2015
Before you size the mainline pipe in your irrigation design, we recommend checking for errors in your layout. Our newly updated Verify Mainline tool takes care of this crucial step in mere seconds. With added features suggested by E...

Power Tip: Including Flow For Existing Planting

Sep 28, 2015
Have you ever wondered how to account for additional flow requirements for existing plants when doing an irrigation/planting retrofit? Take a look at this handy Power Tip on using irrigation caps to ensure accurate flow numbers for your plant...
Power Tip: Including Flow For Existing Planting

Power Tip: Customizing Drip Hatches

Aug 10, 2015
As you place your area for dripline or area for drip emitter, you'll notice that we've already taken the time to set up and provide you with several hatches to depict this equipment in your drawing. Learn how easy it is to make your own custo...

Power Tip: Circuiting

Jul 22, 2015
Want a quick and flexible method of grouping your irrigation head types into valve stations? Try our Circuiting tool! This Power Tip shows you how to use Circuiting to see where your stations will be and, if needed, adjust their locations –...
Power Tip: Circuiting

Power Tip: Lateral And Mainline Piping

Mar 13, 2015
Take a look at a few cool piping tools you might not have known about. From Head AutoSnap to flow tallying, Land F/X helps speed up your piping process even more.   Visit our Irrigation Piping documentation section. Want your...

Power Tip: Colorize Irrigation

Feb 19, 2015
A graphically organized system of hydrozones plays a vital role in a clear irrigation plan. The Land F/X Colorize Zone feature helps you create a distinct visual arrangement of zones in your design. Watch as we show you how to create an easil...
Power Tip: Colorize Irrigation

Power Tip: Valve Callouts

Jan 29, 2015
This power tip comes from a suggestion by Steve Cook of Stantec, who wanted different ways to place a valve callout. Take a look at the multiple options for placing a valve callout now offered by Land F/X.   Visit our Valve Callo...

Power Tip: Tree Ring Irrigation

Dec 17, 2014
Suggested by: Land F/X This week, we bring you a Power Tip on how to create your own custom tree ring irrigation, which you can also use to drip irrigate pots. Having this flexibility allows you to put the water right where you need it, g...
Power Tip: Tree Ring Irrigation

Power Tip: Zombie Pipe Labels

Nov 10, 2014
In previous versions of Land F/X, deleting a section of pipe that had already been called out would turn the pipe labels into "zombies" and, as a result, make the drawing a bit messy. "Why can't you just program the the Verify Laterals...

Power Tip: Rooftop Irrigation

Aug 21, 2014
Suggested by: Tim Davis of Wilson Associates This week's power tip is a technique used by Wilson Associates and Tim Davis for designing multiple-story irrigation systems and laying out vertical piping within a single AutoCAD file. &n...
Power Tip: Rooftop Irrigation

Power Tip: Place Bubbler Quickly

Jun 20, 2014
Suggested by: Rob Hoogeveen with CID This week's power tip was suggested by Rob Hoogeveen, who like many Land F/X users needed a quicker way to place irrigation bubblers at trees. 1 Use the Highlight plant tool to select th...

Power Tip: Watering Schedule

May 08, 2014
Suggested by: Michael Clark with Clark Irrigation Design This week, learn how to create a watering schedule that can be adjusted on the fly by clients.   1 After you have completed the irrigation design, use the Watering...
Power Tip: Watering Schedule

Power Tip: Runtime Schedule

Mar 21, 2014
Suggested by: Verdaus Landscape Architects. Here is a Land F/X Power Tip, suggested by Tarek Al Sheeti with Verdaus Landscape Architects of Dubai. He mentioned that it took a long time to assemble a valve runtime schedule. The resulting f...

Power Tip: Schematic Irrigation

Feb 17, 2014
Suggested by: Mark Pagano at D.D. Pagano, Inc. Here is a Land F/X Power Tip, suggested by a user at a trade show back in 2010.  Schematic Irrigation is an irrigation design tool used to quickly and accurately design irrigation system...
Power Tip: Schematic Irrigation

Power Tip: Keyboard Commands + SmartArc

Jan 20, 2014
Power Tip: Keyboard Commands + SmartArc from Land F/X on Vimeo. Suggested by: PBR Hawaii   This week’s Power Tip highlights a time-saving set of irrigation keyboard commands used in combination with SmartArc for a fluid pro...
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