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Power Tip: SketchUp Concept Lines

Dec 16, 2013
Recommended By:  Chris Lazarek


Hello! Welcome to another Power Tip by your friends here in the Land F/X Labs. This week’s power tip was inspired by Land F/X user Chris Lazarek on the use of Concept Lines. We thought we’d save him some time, so we rolled the feature right into our SketchUp toolbar.  



Here’s how it works:

1. From the SketchUp toolbar, select the Concept Line icon.

2. You will see several line types to choose from.

3. Pick the one you find most enticing, then select your favorite color.

4. A single block will appear that you are able to scale. The scale you set for this first component will determine the size of all of the remaining components.

5. Move your cursor to determine the direction of the line

6. Start drawing

7. Notice that the line will cut through slopes, until you pick a point along the slope. Then, the concept line will actually follow the slope.

8. When your done, click enter and select your arrow.

9. The concept line is now a group of components that are editable. Triple click and you will see that global edits can be made.

Each line is it’s own group of component, so you have the flexibility to edit each line independently. Give it a try! We’d love to see what you do with this feature.

This is another Power Tip brought you by your friends at the Land F/X Labs. We’re here to make your workflow more efficient, so you can spend less time documenting and more time dreaming.


Learn more about the Concept Line feature in our documentation section, here.


Image: Chris Lazarek's profile on Land8 courtesy of Cooper Carry

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