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Power Tip: Naked Callouts

Jan 06, 2014
Recommended By:  Jonathan Haigh

Hello!  Welcome to another Power Tip by your friends here in the Land F/X Labs.  Based on a feature request by Land F/X user, Jonathan Haigh, this week's Power Tip uncovers a provocative new feature we call  – naked callouts.  We have taken our standard detail callouts and stripped them down, so you can slide them in just about anywhere.  You can place them in a note within model space or paperspace.  Here is how easy it is to use within a detail: 

    1. Select the detail that you would like to edit.
    2. From the Details Menu, select  Insert Detail Callout.
    3. From your Details Library, select the detail you would like to reference. 
    4. Press spacebar to bring up your callout options if they do not automatically appear.  Uncheck the “include detail title” option. 
    5. Then, select the naked callout in the lower right corner.
    6. Position the callout, then click to place.  
    7. Save the detail.
    8. From the Details pulldown menu, select Update Details.  This will update all the details and callouts that have been placed in paperspace.


When placed in model space or paperspace, the callout is editable and moveable.  Give it a shot and feel free to move it around until you get it in the right spot. This is another powertip brought you by your friends at the Land F/X Labs.  We’re here to make your workflow more efficient, so you can spend more time... having fun.

Learn more about referencing details in the documentation >



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