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Power Tip: Import Layer

Jan 28, 2014
Recommended By:  Amanda Berry, HKLA


Features: Send Layer, Import Layer

Suggested by: Amanda Berry, HKLA

Ever struggle with bringing your AutoCAD base file into SketchUp?  Suggested by Land F/X Power User, Amanda Berry, the import layer feature does the hard work for you.  Here is how it works:

    1. After double checking your ucs and units are matching, select send layer from the SU Connection.  
    2. Select each layer that you would like to send.  
    3. After each layer is sent, the layer is temporarily turned off, to eliminate any chance of duplication.
    4. Once in SketchUp, verify that you have the correct project selected.  
    5. Then start importing layers one by one

The line work is imported as an edge, so be sure your lines are closed in AutoCAD first.  When closed, surfaces will be created, so you can start pulling up your vertical elements.  The import layer feature respects layers, so you maintain control of your layer organization when modeling.

Ready to send your design into SketchUp?  Try the import layer feature found in the Land F/X SketchUp Connection, so you can start modeling more quickly.  You may think it’s magic.  It’s really Land F/X.

This is another power tip brought to you by your friends at the Land F/X Labs.  We are here to make your workflow more efficient, so you can spend less time documenting and more time… modeling.


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