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Power Tip: Detail Bubble Callouts

Jan 31, 2014
Recommended By:  Brian Frederick

Suggested by: Kimley Horn & Associates

Ever miss a label in your detail? If your labels are ever out of order, or, you need to add a new one along the way, select the bubble callout icon from the detail builder.

Drag the existing notes up or down as needed right from the bubble callout tool.  The bubble callout will auto-update, so you can repeat the process until all of your callouts are in order. The legend will need to be regenerated, so be sure to select the ‘renumber’ then click schedule.

You will see that you have now restored order to your detail and peace to your drawing set.

Ready to label your details? Try the bubble callouts feature, so you can add and edit labels more quickly. If you miss a label, no worries, remember you can reorder the labels and renumber them on the fly.

You may think it’s magic. It’s really Land F/X.

This is another power tip brought to you by your friends at the Land F/X Labs. We are here to make your workflow more efficient, so you can spend less time documenting and more time… detailing.


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