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Power Tip: Schematic Irrigation

Feb 17, 2014
Recommended By:  Mark Pagano

Suggested by: Mark Pagano at D.D. Pagano, Inc.

Here is a Land F/X Power Tip, suggested by a user at a trade show back in 2010.  Schematic Irrigation is an irrigation design tool used to quickly and accurately design irrigation systems based on area and mainline pipe layout.  Save time and money with Schematic Irrigation. Let me show you how! 


1. From the Irrigation Menu, select Plant "Schematic Irrigation"

2. Select an existing type of irrigation for a specific area or create your own.

3. Place the area. You will see how the flow is calculated in seconds based on the size of the area and equipment specified.

4. Layout pipes and valves and use isolation valves to plan for future development

5. Error check along the way, then generate schedules and analysees when you are ready to submit your plan.


Check out Schematic Irrigation Documentation for more information!

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