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Power Tip: Place Bubbler Quickly

Jun 20, 2014
Recommended By:  Rob Hoogeveen with CID

Suggested by: Rob Hoogeveen with CID

This week's power tip was suggested by Rob Hoogeveen, who like many Land F/X users needed a quicker way to place irrigation bubblers at trees.

1 Use the Highlight plant tool to select the plants at which you wish to place a single bubbler.

2 Copy these plant blocks using CTRL + C on the keyboard and paste them into a new drawing with identical units and project information using the PASTEORIG command from AutoCAD.

3 Use the command DELETEALLXDAT at the command line to remove any associated "smart" project data from the plant blocks.

4Select the plant blocks with a window.

5 Place a desired irrigation bubbler on the plans and use the Land F/X Match Properties button to copy the object properties from the bubbler to the plant block.

6The final step, is to xref the planting plan in. 

Repeat this process as necessary for the trees that you wish to add bubblers to. Then, pipe and complete your irrigation plan.


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