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Power Tip: Intro To Nuke

Oct 22, 2015
Recommended By:  Jeremiah Farmer

Drawing cleanup is absolutely integral to designing with AutoCAD – yet too many CAD users know little or nothing about it. The unfortunate result? Complications that lead to lost work and hours, days, and even weeks of lost time.

In response, Land F/X has established a, dare we say, revolutionary method for keeping your drawings clean and free of corruption. Want to learn more? Check our out primer on preventing drawing corruption.

A key component of this essential process is our Nuke tool, which we developed as an automated drawing cleanup solution. As a sneak peek into our upcoming series of trainer videos, we’re excited to provide this quick and easy video guide to what this infinitely valuable tool can do, how it works, and how it can protect your work. 

Learn more about the Nuke tool and keeping your drawings clean:

·       Nuke Documentation Page

·       Quick Drawing Cleanup Guide


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