Power Tip: Simplify Your .DWT Template
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Power Tip: Simplify Your .DWT Template

Jan 27, 2020
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You might still be using a cluttered drawing template file (DWT) to start all your new designs in AutoCAD. This template might be increasing the sizes of your drawing files and slowing their performance. If you're using Land F/X, much of that clutter is unnecessary. Here's what you can remove, and organize better, right now.


You just learned 13 new skills in 5 minutes. Here is a list of documentation pages featuring the tools used in this Power Tip, so you can get started right now:
1. Working With Drawing Templates (DWTs)
2. Set the Scale & Units (understand how Land F/X is scaling everything for you)
3. Layer States
4. Saving Your Own Discipline Graphics in the User-Defined Folder
5. Edit Plant Information
6. Add New Plant Symbols
7. Templates (for plant or other Palettes)
8. Importing Plants from a Template or Project
9. Entire Palette Schedule Option
10. How to Label Plants or Concept Plants
11. Work Areas for Scale
12. Save Hatches
13. Placing Text in Your Drawing

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