Power Tip: Site Tools in 6 Minutes
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Power Tip: Site Tools in 6 Minutes

Aug 04, 2021
Recommended By:  Amanda Marin

There's a whole world of tools available in our F/X Site ribbon. Are you using them to their full potential? Tune in to ensure you're not missing out on a feature that could shave hours of work from your next design project. We'll show off tools for zoning plans, concept design, hardscape or site construction, lighting, grading, color-rendered presentations, and more.


Visit our documentation pages for all the site and hardscape tools referenced in this video!

1. Site & Hardscape Documentation
2. Zoning Overview
3. Concept Graphics Manager
4. Reference Notes (RefNotes): Getting Started
5. Highlight Object
6. Match Object (Match Block) & Match Properties – Site
7. Verify Callouts
8. Add Color to Reference Note (RefNote) Hatches
9. Site Color
10. Railing
11. Plan Graphics
12. Elevation Graphics
13. Site Callouts
14. Lighting Manager: Adding and Placing Lighting Equipment
15. Spot Elevation
16. Slope Callouts & Slope Areas


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