Power Tip: How to Move a Detail Folder
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Power Tip: How to Move a Detail Folder

Tuesday, 07 September 2021
Recommended By:  John Conte and Cleo Abrams with Conte & Conte, LLC

If you've been put in charge of your office's Land F/X detail library, you may have realized it's simply, well, a mess. Have no fear – both our Detail Explorer and Project List tools make it incredibly easy to rearrange your detail folders and tidy everything up, making it quick and painless to find the right detail when you need it. Even better, as you move details between folders, their data links will follow them automatically, meaning any existing detail callouts in your existing projects will never know the difference. Get to know our powerfully simple detail organization system, and get ready to stop spending your time hunting down details.


Visit our documentation page for the Detail Explorer & the Detail Folder System.


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