Power Tip: Customize Multileader Plant Labels
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Power Tip: Customize Multileader Plant Labels

Nov 19, 2021
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Give your plant labels the exact look you want by creating your own custom multileader (MLeader) plant label style. Your MLeader will be built right into our labeling tools, allowing it to connect with your project plant palette, take on the correct plant data, and count your plants automatically. Unleash your creativity and personal style with a BIM workflow inside AutoCAD, with the help of Land F/X.

Visit our documentation pages to learn more about working with Plant Multileader labels!

Attribute Definitions for Plant Labels
Plant Label Styles With Multileaders (MLeaders)
Edit Our Default Plant Label Styles
Create New Plant Label Style
How to Label Plants or Concept Plants
Moving Plant Labels After Placing Them
Power Tip: Advanced Labeling
Convert Non-MLeader Plant Label Style to MLeader Style


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