Power Tip: Mimic Tool
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Power Tip: Mimic Tool

May 04, 2022
Recommended By:  Amanda Marin with Land F/X

We'll introduce you to Mimic – our new and improved version of the tool formerly known as Match Properties for plants, site objects, and irrigation equipment. Learn how to use Mimic to change one type of Land F/X object in your drawing into another by not only changing entire hatches and blocks, but also the Land F/X data behind them. Mimic recognizes the same object placed across your plan, allowing you to either change them all, or just a few while ignoring the rest. Mimic is available in the ribbons and pull-down menus, as a keyboard command, and even as a button in some of our managers. If you've ever experienced the sheer power of Match Properties, you'll love Mimic!


See our documentation pages to learn more about the tools featured in this video!


Mimic Plant
Mimic Equipment
Mimic Object


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