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Planting Power Tips

Power Tip: Save Custom Hatches

Aug 24, 2018
Feature: Save Custom Hatches This week we bring you a Power Tip for setting the default dimension style for details drafted using Land F/X.   Visit our Save Custom Hatch documentation section. Want your suggested feature ...
Power Tip: Save Custom Hatches

Power Tip: Concept Plant Tools in 3 Minutes

Aug 28, 2018
Learn about some recent updates to our Concept Plant tools that will streamline your planting design process through all phases of a project – from concept plan through construction. We cover the advantages of docked palettes, tips on addin...

Power Tip: Existing Tree Massing

Jul 30, 2018
Tree massing requires an advanced workflow that combines a few key Land F/X tools. Watch this Power Tip for ideas. We'll show you how to create several different looks to show the existing trees on your site or planting plan with the help of ...
Power Tip: Existing Tree Massing

Power Tip: Photo Callouts

May 30, 2018
Feature: Photo Callouts Photo callouts are important to help your client visualize your design. With our Photo Callout tool, you can use images from an automatic online search, or browse to your own photos, to call out plants, Concept Gra...

Power Tip: Converting Concept Plants to Regular Plants

May 03, 2018
Feature: Converting Concept Plants to Regular Plants   Conceptual planting is a great way to convey your planting ideas at an early stage. The ability to convert a concept plan into a planting plan with individually assigned plan...
Power Tip: Converting Concept Plants to Regular Plants

Power Tip: Intro to the Land F/X Rhino Plugin

Apr 25, 2018
Feature: Intro to the Land F/X Rhino Plugin Do you use Rhinoceros (Rhino) and wish you could get your CAD tree and shrub design in there for some stunning visuals? Now you can. Land F/X has a plugin for Rhino that allows you to go back an...

Power Tip: Plant Shotgun

Mar 23, 2018
Feature: Plant Shotgun We've transformed placing plants into a quick, easy, and dare we say, fun experience. Watch as we show you how this valuable tool takes the tedium out of plant placement and arrangement!   Visit our Pla...
Power Tip: Plant Shotgun

Power Tip: Working with Plant Label Scales

Jan 18, 2018
Feature: Working with Plant Label Scales Every planting plan needs to be labeled, and the labels need to be scaled properly – not only for clarity of communication but for the overall aesthetics of your design. Our tools make it easier ...

Power Tip: Creating a Quick Elevation Drawing

Nov 20, 2017
Feature: Creating a Quick Elevation Drawing Plan view is just part of the story. Showing your site design in elevation view provides valuable insight into the spatial relationships between objects in your drawing, which aren’t always co...
Power Tip: Creating a Quick Elevation Drawing

Power Tip: Plant Outlines

Nov 15, 2017
Feature: Plant Outlines When learning CAD, our resident landscape architect was also taught to print plans on paper and outline groups of plants with a thick black marker to identify mass groupings of the same species. If you also learned...

Power Tip: Work Areas

Jul 11, 2017
Work Areas allow Land F/X users to create areas within a drawing so that they can be worked on individually but still be part of the whole drawing. Using Work Areas is like working on a drawing within a drawing. Check out this week's Power Ti...
Power Tip: Work Areas

Power Tip: Planting Tools in 3 minutes

Jun 02, 2017
You're looking for a software that has a complete plant library, smart plant blocks and hatches ready to use, plus the ability to count and label plants automatically and create schedules in a few clicks, but you don't know where to start? Ri...

Power Tip: Using Layer Filters to Organize Layers

May 17, 2017
If you want to work efficiently in AutoCAD, layer organization is key. Using layer filters can be a huge help in keeping your layers organized. This Power Tip will show you how to use filters to group your layers, making them infinitely more ...
Power Tip: Using Layer Filters to Organize Layers

Power Tip: Customizing Plant Labels

Mar 20, 2017
Land F/X allows full customization of your plant labels. From the style of your callout boxes to fonts, colors, leaders, and plant codes, you can adapt your plant labels to match your office standards. Learn how by watching our latest Power T...

Create a Custom Color Plant Symbol

Feb 18, 2017
Your installation includes a wide selection of colored plant symbols, which you can use in the quick rendering of your planting plan. Some of our users have expressed the desire to edit these symbols to their preferences. While the process is...
Create a Custom Color Plant Symbol

Power Tip: Quickly Move Plants to Unique Layers

Nov 11, 2016
Feature: Land F/X places all tree and shrub symbols on default layers. In this Power Tip, we’ll go through how to grab all your placed plants and put them on layers other than the defaults. This technique is useful for splitting up gro...

Power Tip: Create a Larger Gap between Shrubs and Groundcovers

Jun 29, 2016
Exclude Shrubs is a key tool for keeping your quantities exact, and our Plant Outlines tool keeps your plan looking sharp. In this Power Tip, we’ll show advanced uses of Exclude Shrubs and Plant Outlines to define an offset between your gro...
Power Tip: Create a Larger Gap between Shrubs and Groundcovers

Power Tip: Getting the Latest Land F/X Blocks

Jun 16, 2016
  It’s no secret that Land F/X has a great database of blocks to use in your design process. What you may not know is that we're constantly improving and adding to this library, which is cloud based. That means each time you open y...

Power Tip: Show a Phased Planting Plan

May 26, 2016
In creating your construction drawings, you will inevitably need to divide your plan into different phases. Land F/X helps you accomplish this task in several different ways. In our next Power Tip, we’ll show you a highly efficient method f...
Power Tip: Show a Phased Planting Plan

Power Tip: Exclude Shrubs

May 06, 2016
When placing groundcover hatches, you don't just need to provide an accurate visual representation – you need to ensure precision in your plant counts. The process becomes even more challenging when your groundcover areas also include indiv...

Power Tip: Printing Your Entire Plant Palette

Apr 29, 2016
Your client may want to discuss the possible plant options for your design. Or you may just need a list of your project plants for your own reference. Our Plant Schedule feature makes it happen in seconds. In our latest Power Tip, we'll show ...
Power Tip: Printing Your Entire Plant Palette

Power Tip: Match Properties Window Selection

Apr 01, 2016
Whether you need to switch out one head or valve in your drawing, or hundreds of plants at a time, our Match Properties tool – inspired by Andrew Spiering – will help make your life easy. Watch this Power Tip to see how Match Properties a...

Power Tip: Show Context with New Viewport

Mar 20, 2016
If you need to show an enlarged or more detailed view of an area within your plan, it's important to maintain that area's context in relation to the plan as a whole. In this Power Tip, we'll show you how to use our New Viewport tool freeze, f...
Power Tip: Show Context with New Viewport

Power Tip: Advanced Labeling Techniques

Feb 11, 2016
Spend less time labeling plants and Reference Notes by applying these efficiency hacks. You might be tempted to withhold how you were able to get the plan out in half the time and, consequently, claim your office's CAD wizard title. If so, we...

Power Tip: Planting Schedule Variations

Feb 03, 2016
We make it easy to run a plant schedule for your design. Still, you might not be aware of all the capabilities of our Plant Schedule tool. In this Power Tip, we'll share some valuable features that help you build your schedules with all the i...
Power Tip: Planting Schedule Variations

Power Tip: Use QSELECT for Complicated Land F/X Scale Changes

Jan 28, 2016
Have you used QSELECT in your Land F/X workflow yet? Make sure you add this handy AutoCAD tool to your kit, with the help of this Power Tip. We'll handle a tricky scale change issue with some quick QSELECT tricks.   Visit our Res...

Power Tip: Import Plant

Nov 02, 2015
If you've already saved and edited plants for a project, or spent time carefully setting up a plant template, you'll want to be able to use these plants in other projects without doing the same work twice. Check out the Import button in your ...
Power Tip: Import Plant

Power Tip: Plant Color Render

Oct 19, 2015
Check out all that our Plant Color Render tool has to offer! With Shrub Area coloring now available, and many more marker-style symbols to choose from, you can turn your masterpiece on and off with a single click.   Visit our Pla...

Power Tip: Work Areas In Xrefs

Jun 18, 2015
In previous versions of Land F/X, the software would only recognize Work Areas within the main drawing. We now offer the ability to also respect Work Areas within inserted Xrefs! Learn how to streamline your Work Areas across all your drawing...
Power Tip: Work Areas In Xrefs

Power Tip: Tree Remediation

May 05, 2015
Have you ever needed to show the locations of existing trees on a site? Or had to show the removal or relocation of a certain tree? Let Land F/X show you a cool way to accomplish those goals with very little effort, with the help of our Plant...
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