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Site & Hardscape Webinars

Hardscape Design

Oct 05, 2018
Hardscape design with Land F/X is all about Reference Notes (RefNotes). Learn about the myriad options available within our RefNotes tool that will streamline your project's workflow. We'll go over all the basics of RefNotes, including setting up a...
Hardscape Design

A Practical Approach to Engineering the System (Low-Voltage Lighting)

Sep 21, 2018
Many designers will only create a fixture placement plan when it comes to landscape lighting. Aimed at landscape architects and other designers, this webinar will show the engineering side of a low-voltage system. We'll move past the idea that "w...

Concept Site Plan Tools

Sep 14, 2018
Conceptual design is an important preliminary step in any site design. We’ve made some recent improvements to our site concept tools that will make it even easier for you to develop an initial plan that lays out your design intent in a logical a...
Concept Site Plan Tools

Using Work Areas

Aug 31, 2018
Work Areas provide a perfect way to organize your schedules, scales, layers, and User Coordination Systems (UCSs). Whether you need to separate out phases in your schedules or show an area at a different scale and viewing angle, you need to know h...

Site Plans and Land F/X

Aug 03, 2018
With more than 600 projects using Land F/X, Mills Design Group Inc. is a power-user firm that's pushing to use every time-saving tool offered in our software. In this webinar, Senior Project Manager Aaron Emerson will show some award-winning case ...
Site Plans and Land F/X

A Practical Approach to Low-Voltage Lighting Design

Jul 20, 2018
Need to design a low-voltage lighting system? This webinar – the first of a 2-part series – will show you the fundamentals of lighting design, including fixture placement, visual objectives, proper transitions, and the three levels of light. We'l...

Grading and Drainage

Jun 01, 2018
An accurate and clearly communicated grading plan is essential to the construction phase of a project. In this webinar you'll learn some simple grading processes using Land F/X annotation tools, as well as some basics in Civil 3D for more dyna...
Grading and Drainage

Using Civil 3D with Land F/X for a BIM Workflow

May 04, 2018
BIM is a process, and the combination of Land F/X with Civil 3D and SketchUp, Rhino and Revit is a key set of tools in integrating this process into your workflow and collaborate with your entire design team. In this webinar, we'll go over why...

Using Photoshop in Post-Production Renderings Part 2

May 12, 2017
Expanding on our first webinar on Photoshop rendering, we’ll show you further techniques for enhancing your plan in Photoshop. We’ll begin with a lesson on translating hand-drawn graphics into digital form, optimizing them for digital producti...
Using Photoshop in Post-Production Renderings Part 2

How The Manufacturer Connection Works

Apr 07, 2017
The Manufacturer Connection is the relationship between the designer and manufacturer that Land F/X has used to separate ourselves from other design software programs. Join us for a webinar on how we've nurtured this important relationship an...

Intro to Site Tools

Feb 17, 2017
  Join us for our Intro to Site Tools webinar. While we'll cover the basics of what the Land F/X Site tools have to offer, expect to learn several new tricks and discover new features we've recently released – such as the implement...
Intro to Site Tools

Using Photoshop in Post-Production Renderings

Jan 27, 2017
  You’ve finished designing your plan in CAD. Now you’re looking to spruce up your graphics for a presentation. With the help of Adobe Photoshop – and, of course, the Land F/X family of AutoCAD plugins – you can achieve this ...

Customize for Office Color Standards

May 13, 2016
When it comes to your office standards in CAD, layers and color combinations are everything. We make it just as easy to build a whole new standard as it is to conform to an existing one, or even jump right into a client's specific design requ...
Customize for Office Color Standards

Using Presentation Graphics

May 06, 2016
Throughout the first part of the year, we've been busy updating and improving our Presentation Graphics tools. Our next webinar will provide "from-the-basics" looks at some of our presentation graphics tools, such as Plant Color Render, Site ...

Working With Blocks

Apr 29, 2016
Blocks are integral to any CAD design. Maintaining a good standard for the blocks you use is absolutely crucial, as is ensuring that your blocks are easy to adjust, navigate, and place. Join us for our next webinar, where we'll take a broad l...
Working With Blocks

Creating Section Elevations With SketchUp

Mar 15, 2016
Do you create your own section elevations strictly in AutoCAD? We'll show you how to use SketchUp to generate elevations during this process while also using Land F/X to confirm the final outcome of your design. We'll start in AutoCAD using t...

Land F/X 103: Understanding Blocks and Customized Rendering

Feb 03, 2016
Bring your academic projects to the next level with rendering tools in Land F/X! You can add your own personal style to your CAD drafting by saving customized blocks directly into the program.   Webinar Contents: Note: T...
Land F/X 103: Understanding Blocks and Customized Rendering

Land F/X 102: Comprehensive Concept and Site Plan Drafting

Jan 06, 2016
This academic-oriented presentation will cover the Concept Graphic and Site Planning tools you need in order to make your projects look professional....

Improving CAD Standards

Jul 31, 2015
We see the concept of "CAD standards" as a system of change for the better just as much as a static and rigid list of commonly followed procedures. Defining and enforcing best practices is arguably the most important aspect of setting a CAD s...
Improving CAD Standards

Tools at an Early Stage

Jul 27, 2015
In this webinar, we'll go over how to customize the tools you use all the time – Plant Manager, Reference Note Manager, and other tools – to create quick and accurate basic concepts. In the time it takes to present the webinar, you can us...

Advanced Planting & Site Tools

Jun 10, 2015
In the first of a new series of "Advanced" webinars, we'll show you how to solve some interesting, out-of-the-box, advanced problems using in-the-box Land F/X tools. With the right kind of inventive thinking, you can use the basic tools inclu...
Advanced Planting & Site Tools


May 26, 2015
Hardscape design with Land F/X is all about Reference Notes (RefNotes). Learn about the myriad options available within our RefNotes tool that will streamline your project's workflow. We'll go over all the basics of RefNotes, includ...

Density Cost Estimation

Feb 13, 2015
  Whether you are working on a large or small project, you need a quick way to value engineer your design before getting too far into the process. Join us as we discuss creating planting density templates and applying them at the beg...
Density Cost Estimation

Skatepark Design Webinar

Dec 22, 2014
  Skateboarders are often frowned upon for practicing their activity on urban furniture and city property. It seems that they need a proper facility – a place to practice without hazards or harassment. Skateboarding shifts, cha...

Site & Grading Tools

Jun 30, 2014
In this webinar, we cover the basic site and grading tools provided by Land F/X. Expect to learn how to the quick application and communication of different fencing types, site dimensions, elevation calculations, and much more. (...
Site & Grading Tools

Using RefNotes & Cost Estimates

May 05, 2014
No project is too small to use RefNotes to make it more efficient. This is the motto we go by, since setting up a project with RefNotes right from concept can help speed up the process to produce accurate detailed drawings, and construction...

Project Management

Jun 28, 2013
Managing Land F/X project data is a little known feature of the program, but there is a lot to learn about all of the ins and outs of how to manage Land F/X project data.  This webinar will cover backing up, deleting, rest...
Project Management


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