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Getting Started with the Land F/X SketchUp Plugin

Jan 27, 2014
Video Length:  1:14
Presented By:  Jeremiah Farmer

Getting Started with the Land F/X SketchUp Plugin from Land F/X on Vimeo.

Land F/X has pioneered a unique and powerful add-on for SketchUp designed specifically for Landscape Architects and Designers.

This webinar will showcase the capabilities of the Land F/X SketchUp Plugin; including the ability to quickly draw dynamic, colorful concept lines to illustrate site usage and the ability to place plants and site amenities directly into SketchUp from the Land F/X Product Connection database.

The real power of the plugin is the seamless connection to AutoCAD. Whether you are sending your base layers or copying the plant placements between AutoCAD and SketchUp, the Land F/X SketchUp Connection makes the workflow as simple as a snap. Or should we say, click.

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