Master Details Tools
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Master Details Tools

Friday, 27 February 2015
Video Length:  1:02
Presented By:  Jake Lott

Presenter Jake Lott will show you how to complete important detail-related tasks such as assigning layouts in your sheet index, customizing detail templates, and associating details with Reference Notes (RefNotes). You'll also learn how to run detail reports, place detail callouts in Paper Space, and place detail callouts within details. Get an in-depth look at these and other valuable tools developed just for you by your friends at Land F/X.


Webinar Contents:

Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also search for content on this page using the FIND command in your browser (CTRL + F in Windows, Command + F in Mac OS.)


  • Master Details Tools
  • Intro/TOC
  • Customization
  • Detail Explorer
    • Saving Existing Details into the Detail Explorer
    • Making a Detail Binder
    • Backing Up and Sharing Details
  • Assigning Sheets to Layouts with the Sheet Index
  • How to Add a Detail Sheet
  • Associating Details with (Reference Notes) RefNotes
  • Detail Reports & Placing Detail Callouts in Paper Space
  • Placeholder Callouts
  • Callouts Within Details
  • Bubble Callouts
  • Detail Enlargement
  • Batch Detail Save


0:00 – 4:40: Intro/TOC


4:41 – 7:06: Customization

Font styles (5:00)


Layers (5:20)


Details Preferences (callouts, detail titles, templates, etc.) (5:37)


7:07 – 26:23: Detail Explorer

 Saving Existing Details into the Detail Explorer (7:07)

Organizing details by project or by type (8:40)


Drag-and-Drop and Copy features in the Detail Explorer (10:50)


The Show Empty Categories option (12:00)


Making a Detail Binder (12:30)

Printing details (12:30)


Example of a detail report (13:00)


Running a list of ALL details and creating a detail index (13:25)


Printing each detail in a selected category (14:25)


Printing a single detail (15:50)


Backing Up and Sharing Details (16:13)

The Import and Export features (16:13)


Saving existing details into the Detail Explorer (18:45)

Detail Templates, template sizes, and detail scales (19:35)


Annotating and dimensioning a detail (22:10)


Saving details using the Save Detail tool (23:08)

Batch saving several details using Zoom Extents (24:45)


Locating the saved details in the Detail Explorer (25:50)


Fixing the detail preview slide by re-saving the detail (25:30)



26:24 – 27:39: Assigning Sheets to Layouts with the Sheet Index

Accessing the Sheet Index from the Project Manager (26:26)



27:40 – 32:26: How to Add a Detail Sheet

Importing (adding) a detail sheet based on an office standard (27:40)

Saving a detail as a .dwt (CAD drawing template) (28:10)


The From Template option (available when you right-click on a Layout tab) (28:48)


Importing the details from a .dwt template (29:50)


Assigning a Layout tab to a detail in the Sheet Index (31:04)


Viewing the Placed details in the Detail Manager (31:44)


32:27 – 35:19: Associating Details with Reference Notes (RefNotes)

Editing a RefNote and assigning a detail to it (“setting a detail”) (32:50)

(examples shown with irrigation and planting plans)



35:20 – 42:39: Detail Reports & Placing Detail Callouts in Paper Space

Running a Detail Report from the Detail Manager (showing placed and/or unplaced details) and cross-checking project details (35:20)


Placing a detail callout in Paper Space (37:50)


Regenerating the detail report … the newly placed callout populates in the new report. (38:35)


Question: What is CSI? (39:15)

Answer: Short for Construction Specification Institute, CSI is a standardized method of classifying the construction process.

Check out our CSI webinar: Using CSI Format for Organization


Also, remember to check out our documentation whenever you have questions! 


A note on checking your detail sheets in the Sheet Index (40:50)


42:50 – 43:20: Placeholder Callouts

Associating a detail with a Placeholder Callout automatically (43:55)


44:20 – 46:41: Callouts Within Details

Placing a callout within a detail (44:20)

TheUpdate Detail tool(46:20)


46:42 – 51:49: Bubble Callouts

Placing a Bubble Callout (47:05)


Reordering the detail list using the Detail Bubble Callout tool (47:45)


Copying notes between details. The Detail Bubble Callouts tool recognizes those notes. Note that the scale is adjusted automatically. (48:30)


Question: Do detail callouts NEED to be placed in Paper Space? (50:20)

Answer: No, this is not necessary. You only need to place the callouts in Paper Space if you need the system to log the sheet number where you place the callout.


51:50 – 58:48: Detail Enlargement

Enlarging a portion of a detail at a specific scale increment (e.g., 4 times the size) (51:50)

Land F/X allows for polyline enlargement and circle enlargement. (53:45)


Selecting the scale for the enlargement (54:20)


The enlarged portion of the detail is complete. (56:08)


Question: Can I use the CAD Image Attach feature with details? (56:54)

Answer: Yes, but keep in mind that the images will become Xrefs with full paths. For best results, you should create and save the detail, then open it from the location where you saved it. You can then place the image/PDF file in same folder with detail and .dwg.


58:49 –end: Batch Detail Save

3 criteria for batch detail save (59:07):

  1. Land F/X must recognize all templates you want to save.
  2. All detail templates you process must already have been saved.
  3. The system must see as many templates as details you want to save (you must be zoomed to extents).

If these criteria are met, you can use the Save Detail tool to batch save all details in a sheet.


Future development: When there is more than one detail boundary in the drawing, you’ll simply be able to draw a window that includes the details you want to save. (1:01)

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