Detail Tips And Tricks
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Detail Tips And Tricks

Aug 10, 2015
Video Length:  59:10
Presented By:  Amanda Berry

You've watched our Master Detail Tools webinar to get started with your detail library in Land F/X, and now you need to watch this webinar to take your detailing skills to the next level. We'll go over some advanced techniques and best practices to create details that communicate your design intent clearly. We'll also show you how to use all the available Land F/X tools for creating smart details. Presented by Amanda Berry.

Webinar Contents:

Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also search for content on this page using the FIND command in your browser (CTRL + F in Windows, Command + F in Mac OS.)

  • Intro/TOC
  • Start Off Right: Sheet Setup
  • Creating a Project-Specific Detail
    • Loading a Layer State
    • Saving a Custom Detail Block
    • Placing a Detail Template
    • Calling Out Other Details Within a Detail
    • Batch Saving Details
  • Advanced Detail Callouts
    • Calling Out Details from Another Sheet or Drawing
    • Assigning a Detail to a Reference Note (RefNote)

0:00 – 6:39: Intro/TOC


6:40 – 12:49: Start Off Right: Sheet Setup

Why sheet setup? (6:40)



Opening a drawing from a template and saving the drawing (7:50)



Opening a Land F/X project (8:45)



Pulling in the title block (9:10)



Placing a sheet template (9:30)



Assigning a sheet to a layout in the Sheet Index (in the Land F/X Project Manager) (10:05)

12:50 – 49:14: Creating a Project-Specific Detail

Saving blocks into the Land F/X system using the Save Block tool (12:50)



Using the Save Detail Block tool from the Detail tab to save a block into the Details folder. This tool works exactly how Save Block works, except it automatically saves your detail blocks into the folder structure where your detail blocks are saved.  (15:01)



Adding a hatch to a detail block (17:22)



Opening a blank drawing in which to create a detail (recommended) (18:59)



Building a detail using detail blocks (20:20)



Bringing in the blocks (20:20)



Loading the Detail Layer States (21:30)



Creating and Saving a Custom Detail Block (22:00)



Drawing the detail linework on selected layers for specific lineweights and bringing in additional blocks (22:00)



Selecting a new layer for a different lineweight and drawing additional linework (25:35)



Placing a detail hatch (30:15)



Correcting the scale and re-placing hatches (31:50)



Bringing in a block from the Discipline Graphics library (32:50)



Creating an additional detail (33:50)



Note: You can configure a setting in the CAD Options dialog box (User Preferences tab) so that right-clicking repeats the last active command (if nothing is selected) (35:40)



Bringing in a block from the Elevation Graphics library (37:40)



Placing a Detail Template (41:15)


Adding a Width Extension to a Detail Template, making it wide enough to accommodate a particular detail (41:45)



Calling Out Other Details Within a Detail (42:45)



Locating the detail to call out in the Detail Explorer (43:30)



Placing the detail callout (44:30)


Batch Saving Details (40:44)

Saving the new details individually within a project (45:40)



Making any necessary changes to the individual details (47:55)



Batch saving multiple details (48:20)

49:15 – end: Advanced Detail Callouts

Adding details to a project and placing them in a drawing (49:30)



Calling Out Details from Another Sheet or Drawing (50:55)



Selecting a detail to call out (52:40)



Placing a callout (53:00)



Placing a callout title (53:50)



Calling out another detail (54:00)



Assigning a Detail to a Reference Note (RefNote) (54:30)


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