Showing off F/X CAD 2013
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Showing off F/X CAD 2013

Nov 16, 2012

Over a year ago, Autodesk let us become a member of their AutoCAD OEM group, which allows us to sell and support our own version of AutoCAD.  We have branded it as F/X CAD, and as you'll see in this Friday's webinar, it is an entirely capable version of AutoCAD 2013.  We will be careful to point out the differences between F/X CAD and AutoCAD, which you will see is nearly identical to the limitations of AutoCAD LT.  We expect this webinar to be very interactive, primarily answering your questions about what F/X CAD can and can't do.  To help us prepare in this manner, we also ask that if you already have some questions about F/X CAD, to please send them when you sign up for the webinar.

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