Transitioning to Land F/X
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Transitioning to Land F/X

Nov 09, 2018
Video Length:  1:02:02
Presented By:  Amanda Berry
If you’re thinking about introducing Land F/X into your office, this webinar is the perfect place to start. We'll show you what you need to know initially, how to get your co-workers on board so everybody can benefit, and how to set up your first design project quickly and effectively. Rather than wondering how to make time to improve your standards, you should be asking why your office is wasting time in not improving them.

Webinar Contents:

Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also search for content on this page using the FIND command in your browser (CTRL + F in Windows, Command + F in Mac OS.)

  • Intro/TOC
  • Top Myths We’ve Heard
  • The Fast-Track Plan/Applying This Workflow
    • Dive In
    • Integrate Land F/X on the Go
    • Customize as You Go
  • How to Get the Office On Board Today

0:00 – 3:02: Intro/TOC

3:03 – 5:28: Top Myths We’ve Heard

Myth: The First Project with Land F/X will take longer to do than the old way, and you’ll miss the deadline.

  • For both large and small projects, automation will make up for time spent learning.
  • Even the first project will be faster.


Myth: Land F/X has a steep learning curve.

  • It’s actually easy out of the box, and you can learn intermediate and advanced skills over time on a real job.


Myth: Land F/X will take a week to customize.

  • You can customize on the go in a new project.
  • You can also customize in an hour or two beforehand using an old project.

5:29 – 1:00:05: The Fast-Track Plan/Applying This Workflow

  • Start your new drawing just like you always would, or jump in with a project that’s halfway done.
  • Assign a Land F/X project, and scale right away.
  • Build up your smart design palette of plants quickly.
  • Start placing, and learning the quick placing tools on the go.
  • Watch each week’s 3-minute Power Tip video.
  • Add more skills on every project.
  • Hardscape/Site tools (RefNotes), templates, details, 3D Connection, Discipline Graphics library, F/X UCS, Work Areas.


Dive In (8:05)

Intro to F/X CAD (8:05)

F/X CAD is our Autodesk authorized AutoCAD engine, sold and supported by us.


Intro to Land F/X (9:30)

Land F/X is a license for our series of AutoCAD plugins, which adapt CAD to landscape architecture, irrigation design, architecture, etc.


Integrate Land F/X on the Go (10:34)

Using the Land F/X Copy Along Line/Polyline/Arc tools on regular CAD blocks (10:48)


Starting a new Land F/X project and selecting a Preference Set (11:55)


Opening the Plant Manager and adding plants (13:30)


Saving a custom plant block into Land F/X using our Save Block tool (14:30)


Editing a plant from the Plant Manager and selecting 2D and color symbols (16:28)


Using our Match Properties tool to replace regular “dumb” CAD blocks with “smart” blocks (17:20)


Labeling plants (17:55)


Using our Highlight Plant tool to highlight all instances of a selected plant throughout a drawing (18:00)


Error checking plant labels using our Verify Labels tool (18:50)


Editing a plant in a drawing (19:25)


Assigning a hatch pattern and a color symbol to a groundcover (19:55)


Placing a groundcover (20:20)


Placing a Plant Schedule (20:44)


Building a plant palette (21:41)


Customize as You Go (30:45)

Adding a new plant size (30:45)


Adding custom columns to the Plant Schedule in the Plant Sizes Preferences (31:48)


Importing plants from another project (33:38)


Editing a plant’s symbol size and applying it to a custom block (35:08)


Using Match Properties to round out the planting, replacing blocks and hatches with smart versions (37:15)


Copying plants (and their data) using our Match Plant tool (42:00)


Once you’ve saved your custom symbols into our library, they’ll be scaled automatically when you place them in a drawing.


Keyboard shortcuts for placing plants (43:50)


Overview of our Power Tip videos (44:32)


Customizing layer settings (45:30)


Overview of the Land F/X Preferences (45:50)


Preference Sets (46:10)

A Preference Set is a saved set of styles your entire office can use to follow the same standard.


Customizing layer colors, names, linetypes, etc. (46:33)


Creating a new Preference Set based on an existing one (47:30)


Labeling plants (49:15)


Selecting a plant label style, arrow style, plant code style, etc. in the Planting Preferences (51:20)


Placing a Plant Schedule (52:34)


Options for configuring a Plant Schedule (53:30)


Creating a colorized plan using our Color Render tool (53:38)


Plant Outlines and Plant Shadows (56:40)


Quick overview of our site tools (57:47)


Placing a Work Area and then placing a schedule of objects within that Work Area (58:50)

1:00:06 – end: How to Get the Office On Board Today

  • Download the Land F/X App on your phone. Start watching Power Tip videos and showing them to colleagues right on your phone.
  • Just start implementing it yourself.
  • 3. Get Land F/X installed on every designer’s computer.
    • Licenses are network based – sharable!
    • Link them together to a shared server install – everybody benefits from customization on the go.
  • Train the office for free!
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