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Installation Options

Jan 11, 2019
Video Length:  43:13
Presented By:  Mike Bennett
When you’re ready to install our software, you’ll face several possible options. Choosing the right setup for your needs will ensure a smooth transition to the software and fewer changes in the future. In this webinar, we’ll go over which install options are available to you – including the differences between Single-User and Multi-User, and Cloud Data and Local Data. We’ll help you determine which setup will give you the best results for your office environment, so you can get right to reaping the benefits of Land F/X.

Webinar Contents:

Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also search for content on this page using the FIND command in your browser (CTRL + F in Windows, Command + F in Mac OS.)


  • Intro/TOC
  • The Land F/X Installer
  • Work Environments
  • Local Installs
  • Land F/X Cloud
  • Shared Online Folder
  • Cloud and Shared

0:00 – 4:32: Intro/TOC

4:33 – 8:08: The Land F/X Installer

Installing Land F/X (4:43)


Land F/X essentially consists of three components:

  • Database
  • Folder
  • Cloud Content Libraries


LandFX folder:

Plant blocks, irrigation blocks, site blocks, details, Admin & CTB files, software files


Database: Cloud or Local:

Project list, Project managers, associating data with blocks to make them “smart blocks”


Cloud Content Libraries:

Plant database, irrigation manager database, site manufacturer database, CAD blocks


The Land F/X installer (5:56)

The Land F/X installer is a downloadable package that gives you your LandFX folder, your database, and files that are necessary for running the software.


The installer is necessary because, as we update the software, it’s the best way to deploy those updates.


More on the Land F/X installer (6:30)

  • It’s also known as the F/X Server installer.
  • Creates the LandFX folder in the local disk C:\ by default.
  • Creates all the necessary data needed to run our software.
  • Stores all your hatches, details, and blocks in the LandFX folder.

8:09 – 12:19: Work Environments

Considering work environments (8:43)

  • Are you the only user? If so, a Single-User install with Cloud Data would be ideal.
  • One computer and one user but needing data accessible anywhere?
  • Find yourself transferring data to different computers frequently?
  • Single-User but multiple computers?
  • Needing to work from multiple locations?
  • Computer dies? What about your database?


Land F/X installation options (10:10):

Single-User installation

  • One user or workstation running Land F/X
  • Database options:
    • Local Data (SQLite)
    • Cloud Data


Multi-User installation

  • Shared LandFX folder with multiple workstations or users
  • Database options:
    • Local Data (MySQL)
    • Cloud Data


Shared online folder installation

  • Multi-User
  • Multi-computer
  • Single-User mobile

12:20 – 18:14: Local Installs

Local Data considerations (12:25)

  • You may want to choose Local Data if you have an unreliable Internet connection.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Increased overhead, server maintenance.
    • Have to ensure computer is maintained properly.
    • Cost consideration of real-time off-site backup.


Single-User Local Data (13:58)

  • Default install option
  • Local disk C: install
  • Common install option
  • SQLite database on computer


Multi-User Local Data (15:25)

  • Creates the LandFX folder
  • Creates the Local database
  • Installs MySQL service
  • Full read/write permissions required


MySQL components (16:28)

18:15 – 24:33: Land F/X Cloud

The Land F/X Cloud:

  • Uses Amazon Web Server (AWS) services
  • Keeps a live database running


Database includes:

  • Projects
  • Preferences
  • Templates


Land F/X is local. This includes:

  • Hatches
  • Details
  • Blocks


What you could potentially see if you lose a server (20:25)


Single-User Cloud installation (21:48)

  • The LandFX folder is stored locally
  • Cloud-based database
  • Runs services from the cloud


Multi-User Cloud installation (BEST OPTION) (22:41):

  • Installed on an office server or shared online folder (recommended)
  • Keeps a live database in our cloud
  • Runs the services from the cloud
  • Less work on the servers
  • You can pull a live database in an emergency

24:34 – 31:26: Shared Online Folder

  • Online storage service: Dropbox, OneDrive, Carbonite, Google Backup and Sync, etc. Depending on your storage needs it’s potentially free.
  • LandFX folder in the cloud
  • Database stored in the cloud
  • Stores copies on all computers


Why use a shared online folder? (26:57)

  • Allows seamless sharing of files anywhere
  • Services provide a backup
  • Easy setup
  • Little to no cost on your end
  • Automatic syncing across all computers
  • Computer dies? Data is still available.
  • Can control who accesses your data


Sync settings (28:48)


Dropbox Sync (28:48):

  • Dropbox uses a service called Selective Sync. With Selective Sync enabled folders that are selected will be stored on your hard drive and stored in the cloud.
  • Lots of blocks, labels, or hatches
  • Downloading
  • Select Land F/X to have it stored as a local copy


OneDrive sync settings (30:45)

  • OneDrive sync settings
  • OneDrive Sync is similar but allows you to choose between making folders available online only or available offline.


Understanding your work environment combined with our install options can help Land F/X work better for you. (31:10)


31:27 – end: Cloud and Shared

  • Both options save money and reduce downtime.
  • Data is stored in the cloud and remains in the cloud.
  • Great option for single users and multi-office firms alike.
  • Flexible and easy to manage.
  • Main caveat: It requires an active Internet connection. You can also tether your phone for a temporary connection, or get a 4G modem.


Switching to Cloud Data (34:20)

  • You do not have to reinstall.
  • Easy to switch over.
  • No extra cost.
  • Reach out to our Support team and we’ll get you the steps you need.


The Land F/X support team (35:03)


AWS global infrastructure (35:40)


Question: Can the Land F/X cloud handle multiple CAD file formats? (38:05)

Answer: The Land F/X cloud is only the data – anything you see in a Land F/X dialog box. Your DWG files will be saved and stored wherever you keep them. Thus, file formats won’t be affected and you can use different versions of CAD and it won’t matter.

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