Getting Started with Irrigation F/X
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Getting Started with Irrigation F/X

Friday, 04 January 2019
Video Length:  1:08:01
Presented By:  Jake Lott
Join us for this webinar to get going with the essential capabilities of Irrigation F/X. We'll show how to navigate through the Irrigation ribbon and build a familiarity with our conceptual-level tools. You'll also learn the basics of adding equipment to a project, placing, piping, sizing, and scheduling. Get ready to take your irrigation designs to the next level!

Webinar Contents:

Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also search for content on this page using the FIND command in your browser (CTRL + F in Windows, Command + F in Mac OS.)


  • Intro/TOC
  • Starting a Plan
  • Irrigation Design Workflow
    • Schematic Irrigation
    • Placing Equipment & Zoning
    • Verification & Error Checking



0:00 – 6:07: Intro/TOC


6:08 – 9:30: Starting a Plan

Proper sheet setup (6:15)

Think of sheet setup the way it happened in the old days: What do you want it to look like on paper?

  • How big do you want your symbols to look?
  • What size of sheet will you be working with?
  • What can fit on one sheet?


Understanding plan scale: Real-world objects vs. graphical objects (7:45)


9:31 – …: Irrigation Design Workflow

Typical irrigation design workflow (9:31)

  • Sheet setup
  • Source data discovery
  • Equipment selection
  • Determine emission type/location
  • Equipment placement
  • Zoning/circuiting
  • Pipe equipment (connect the dots)
  • Size zones (label pipe sizes)
  • Count everything up for schedules


Don’t forget to verify/error check your design!


Irrigation design workflow: visual representation (11:26)


Demonstration of an irrigation design workflow in CAD (13:35)


The Land F/X ribbons, tools, and pull-down menus (14:20)


Our F/X Irrigation ribbon (14:38)



Sheet Setup (16:08)

For detailed information on sheet setup, see our:


Setting up a project (17:30)

For detailed information on setting up a project, see our:


Preference Sets (19:05)


The Project Manager (19:40)


The Irrigation Manager (19:50)

The Irrigation Manager is your home base for all the irrigation equipment you plan to use in your project.


Docking and undocking the Irrigation Manager (20:00)


Equipment categories and subcategories (20:20)


Setting the Source Data and adding a point of connection (POC) (21:35)


Setting the Pipe Data (22:53)


Setting the Irrigation Preferences (24:40)

In the Irrigation Preferences, you can customize several irrigation-related items, including:

  • Valve callout style
  • Spray symbol families
  • Symbol scaling
  • Default settings for Pipe Data and schedules


Adding equipment and setting its performance data (29:50)


Selecting a pressure rate (PSI) (31:33)


Schematic Irrigation (33:00)

Laying out an initial design using our Schematic Irrigation tool (33:00)


Using our Circuiting tool to generate a flow total for a schematic plan (36:30)


Placing an Irrigation Schedule to provide overall square footage for the schematic plan (38:10)


Adding costs to Schematic Areas (39:15)


Adding more equipment to the project (41:50)


Placing equipment and using our keyboard shortcuts (42:30)


Editing equipment (43:10)


Tracing landscape areas using the BOUNDARY command (43:45)


Dividing a region using our POLYDIVIDE command (44:40)


Using our Match Head tool to copy and paste existing equipment in a drawing, including Schematic areas (45:55)


Placing Equipment & Zoning (48:20)


Placing heads and choosing a radius and spray arc using the buttons on the ribbon (48:20)

Make sure your plot scale matches your viewport scale.


Our keyboard shortcuts for placing equipment (50:15)

Press K on your keyboard to see the available keyboard commands when placing equipment. To use one of the commands, press the corresponding key on your keyboard.


For more information, see our documentation on keyboard commands for placing heads.


Copying equipment along a line or polyline (51:56)


Additional head and drip types (53:15)


Irrigation layout tools (53:20)

  • Match Head (copy and paste a head) (53:40)
  • Match Properties (assign the properties of one piece of equipment to another)
  • Copy along Line
  • Copy along Polyline
  • Rectangular Array
  • Triangular Array
  • Square Grid
  • Triangular Grid


Station tools (54:40)

  • Highlight Station
  • Delete Station
  • Move Piped Equipment (54:45)


Using our Circuiting tool to determine a flow for a selected zone (55:40)


Recalculating zones to allow the Circuiting tool to account for changes you’ve made to zones (56:40)


Checking the uniformity of coverage using our Uniformity tool (57:35)


Placing a zoning schedule (58:50)


Drawing lateral pipe (59:19)

Using our Head Autosnap feature to snap pipe to heads automatically (59:35)


Using our Highlight Station tool to see which equipment is included in a zone or station (1:00:15)


Verification & Error Checking (1:00:24)


Using our Verify Laterals tool to check the lateral pipe for errors (1:00:30)


Using our Verify Mainline tool to check for errors along the mainline (1:01:02)


Renumbering valves using our Valve Callout tool (1:01:20)


Sizing pipes (1:02:40)


Running a schedule (1:03:00)

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