Getting Started with Planting F/X
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Getting Started with Planting F/X

Friday, 25 January 2019
Video Length:  1:00:03
Presented By:  Amanda Berry
Ready to get started with our planting tools, or need a refresher? This webinar is for you. We'll give you a full tour of our F/X Planting ribbon, covering everything from adding, placing, and labeling plants to error checking, scheduling, and turning on our quick render tools. If you’re wondering where to begin, or just wanting to brush up on best practices, you're in the right place!

Webinar Contents:

Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also search for content on this page using the FIND command in your browser (CTRL + F in Windows, Command + F in Mac OS.)


Getting Started With Planting F/X



  • What is Planting F/X?
  • What Can You Do?
  • Starting from the Beginning
    • New Project/Set Scale
  • Adding and Editing Plants
  • Placing Plants
  • Labeling Plants
  • Placing Instant Schedules
  • Using the Easy Design Tools
  • Applying Presentation Rendering

0:00 – 3:07: Intro/TOC

3:08 – 5:39: What is Planting F/X?

  • Add-on, right inside AutoCAD
  • Planting F/X license includes all planting tools
  • Database with 24,000+ worldwide plant species, and the power for you to add to it
  • Block library, and the power to enforce office CAD standards
  • Easy CAD scaling, no calculator required
  • Instant plant callouts, counting, and error checking

5:40 – 11:11: What Can You Do?


Opening the Plant Manager and placing plants (6:25)


Copying a plant along a polyline (6:50)


Labeling plants (7:12)


Creating Work Areas with different scales (7:40)


Placing a Plant Schedule (8:29)


Colorizing a planting plan and including the color symbols in the schedule (9:30)

11:12 – 20:14 Starting from the Beginning

The Land F/X ribbons (12:00)


The F/X Admin ribbon (13:20)


The 30-day challenge to learn Land F/X (13:30)


Hovering over a tool button to find out what the tool does, and pressing F1 to call up the relevant documentation page from our website (14:00)


Searching our documentation (14:40)



New Project/Set Scale (15:02)

How Land F/X projects work, and creating a new project (15:02)

It’s important to start a new project for each design you start.


Setting the scale (17:35)

20:15 – 32:40: Adding and Editing Plants

Opening the Plant Manager (20:15)


Adding plants (21:00)


Importing plants from a project or template (23:45)


Editing plants and setting data such as symbol, cost, remark, etc. (25:50)


Selecting a color symbol (28:10)


Adding data fields to plants in the Plant Sizes Preferences (29:09)


Selecting a plant label style, arrow style, plant code style, and other options in the Planting Preferences (31:00)


Organizing plants into groups and subgroups (32:15)

32:41 – 38:36: Placing Plants


Placing a tree by either double-clicking it in the Plant Manager or highlighting it and clicking Place (32:40)


Plant Shotgun: Keyboard commands for toggling between different numbers, patterns, and spacing patterns of plants; toggling between plants; “painting” a section of a drawing with trees or shrubs; and copying plants along a line, polyline, or arc (33:08)


Copying plants along a line (Copy along Line) and using the available keyboard commands for plant spacing (34:25)


Copying plants along an arc (35:10)


Copying plants along a polyline (35:26)


Placing Shrub Area hatches (36:18)


Placing groundcovers (37:03)


Excluding shrubs from a groundcover (37:38)


“Painting” a hatch using the P-HATCH tool (37:48)

38:37 – 42:09: Labeling Plants

Labeling a group of plants (38:37)


Drawing a polygon window to include plants to label by group (39:13)


Choosing the last labeling window drawn (39:53)


Labeling a single plant (40:05)


Labeling plants by connecting line or connecting arc (40:25)


Error checking the plant labels in a drawing using our Verify Labels tool (41:00)

42:10 – 44:59: Placing Instant Schedules


Options for configuring and sorting a Plant Schedule (42:20)


Placing a schedule (43:00)


Regenerating a schedule to account for changes in a drawing (43:18)


Placing a Work Area around a portion of a planting plan and placing a schedule showing just the plants in that Work Area (43:45)

45:00 – 48:34: Using the Easy Design Tools

Highlighting all instances of a single plant in a drawing using the Highlight Plant tool (45:09)


Options for Highlight Plant, including highlighting and selecting additional similar plants (45:30)


Highlighting a plant in a drawing from the Plant Manager (46:00)


Copying plants in the Plant Manager (46:15)


Labeling a plant with a Photo Callout (46:20)


Using out Match Plant tool to copy and place a plant (47:00)

Use this tool on plants and other smart blocks instead of the AutoCAD Copy tool.


Using our Match Properties plant to apply all data from one plant to another plant (47:15)


Viewing and editing a plant’s assigned data, including its symbol, using our Edit Plant tool (47:40)

48:35 – end: Applying Presentation Rendering

Adding Plant Outlines to trees and/or shrubs (48:45)


Adding and rotating Plant Shadows (49:48)


Colorizing a plan using our Color Render tool (50:20)


Turning Color Render off (51:44)


Overview of our detail system, including our default details that are included in your installation and downloadable on demand (53:55)


Our planting details, including tree planting details (54:25)


Adding details to a project and placing them in a drawing sheet (55:10)


Assigning a detail to a plant (55:55)


How to reduce the size of the Plant Schedule (57:00)


Viewing a schedule in multiple viewports (58:05)


Customizable user fields in the Plant Sizes Preferences screen (58:15)

Note that each of the four plant categories will have its own fields.

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