Detail Workflow in a Case Study Design
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Detail Workflow in a Case Study Design

Aug 02, 2019
Video Length:  1:07:02
Presented By:  Aaron Emerson – Mills Design Group

The detail tools are a powerful feature that power users at Mills Design Group out of Florida have perfected over the years. Guest presenter and guru Aaron Emerson will demonstrate how his team uses this feature by presenting a few award-winning case studies. He’ll go over the benefits they’ve reaped from these tools and provide some handy techniques they use every day to get their details built.

Webinar Contents:

Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also search for content on this page using the FIND command in your browser (CTRL + F in Windows, Command + F in Mac OS.)


  • Intro/TOC
  • Overview of Mills Design Group
  • Setup/Templates
  • Detailing Process
    • Concept Details
    • Building Details
    • Custom Details
    • Associating Details

  • Detail Library
  • Project Examples
  • Conclusions/Questions

0:00 – 1:49: Intro/TOC

Photos of projects covered in the webinar (3:10)

1:50 – 4:40: Overview of Mills Design Group

Mills Design Group history, and the company’s history using Land F/X (1:50)

4:41 – 11:34: Setup/Templates

Details Preferences (4:41)


Detail Template size (5:30)


Customizing the Detail Template (6:20)


Fonts and Dimension Styles (DimStyles) (7:20)


Customizing fonts, Dimension Styles (DimStyles), and the detail title block (7:25)


Why Aaron does not recommend creating Preference Sets for different sheet sizes (8:21):

Multiple Preference Sets for different detail sizes can cause you to have to edit two details rather than one for individual projects. Keynote and Bubble Callouts can also differ greatly from one Preference Set to the other, as can Reference Notes (RefNotes). It can also cause confusion when placing details and when importing details from other projects.


Setting up the Details Preferences (10:22)


Setting a Preference Set as Read-Only (10:45)


Setting up DimStyles, Keynote Callouts, and detail organization (Detail Explorer) (11:05)

11:35 – 41:38: Detailing Process

Concept Details (12:10)

Creating initial detail sketches before drafting (12:10)


Question: Do you have a checklist while going through your detailing of details? (14:50)

Answer: Their checklists are mainly geared toward which details they need to add to a project. They do have checklists for keeping track of materials, thicknesses, and how building elements go together.



Building Details (17:05)

Overview of the SeaGlass project (17:05)


Opening a Detail Template (18:10)


Overview of the F/X Details ribbon (18:24)


Keyboard commands for sizing the Detail Template (18:55)


Saving details (21:00)


Introduction to detail organization in the Land F/X system (detail library) (22:30)


Custom Details (23:50)

Adding hatches, dimensions, and notes (24:20)


Detail Blocks (25:10)


Custom detail blocks (26:15)


Starting details in a 3D SketchUp model (28:20)


Detail callouts (29:50)


Associating Details (30:28)


Associating details with a project (30:50)


Using the Edit Detail tool to open the detail associated with a callout (31:18)


More views of the SeaGlass project and its details (32:05)


Tips for using troughs in pool designs (34:45)


Discussion of flexibility in going from detail to construction and accounting for on-site changes (35:25)


Managing a project where turf runs right up to glass without stepping on safety regulations (36:40)


Question: Do you ever develop details in 3D/BIM programs? (39:26)

Answer: Yes, they will use SketchUp with Shaderlight and Lumion to start designs, but the actual details and construction documents are completed in CAD.

41:39 – 56:57: Detail Library

Overview of the Detail Explorer (42:00)


Organizing details by category (43:00)


Organizing details by type (e.g., standard details, custom details, and manufacturer details) (43:40)


Opening Detail Explorer in CAD (46:20)


Organizing details in the Detail Explorer (46:56)


The importance of backing up and archiving your details (49:55)


How to back up details using Land F/X (50:30)


Exporting details (51:37)


Client details (52:20)


Setting up project templates that include specific details (53:22)


Example of a template with a detail sheet (54:22)


Overview of the process in Aaron’s office on how new standard details or detail blocks are saved (55:19)

56:58 – 58:34: Project Examples

BlueWater project (56:58)

58:35 – end: Conclusions/Questions

Demonstration of using PDF imports within a detail (58:35)


Linking details with Reference Notes (RefNotes) (1:01:25)


Aaron’s Land F/X wish list items (1:04:23)

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