Irrigation Customization
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Irrigation Customization

Nov 22, 2019
Video Length:  1:02:41
Presented By:  Jake Lott

Irrigation is a crucial part of any landscape design. Find out how Irrigation F/X gives you the flexibility you need to make your plans clear and easy to read. We’ll cover the Irrigation Preferences, including what to consider as you’re setting up your office standards, and what will and won’t change on the fly when you modify these settings. We’ll also dive into irrigation symbols – where they reside, and how to modify and update what’s in your plan – along with our numerous other tools for making Irrigation F/X your own.

Webinar Contents:

Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also search for content on this page using the FIND command in your browser (CTRL + F in Windows, Command + F in Mac OS.)


  • Intro/TOC
  • What Within Irrigation F/X is Customizable?
  • Where Do You Go to Change Things?
  • How Do You Change Things?
    • Setting Your Future Standard
    • Making Changes to Projects with Old Standards (Content Already Placed)

0:00 – 4:57: Intro/TOC

4:58 – 8:03: What Within Irrigation F/X is Customizable?

Although virtually everything can be customized, here are the main points:

  • Layers/colors
  • Fonts
  • Design options (Preference Set)
    • Pipe and equipment defaults
    • Schedule defaults
  • Symbols
    • Defaults assigned
    • Shape/size/look of blocks


Existing resources (6:45):


Power Tips:



8:04 – 28:57: Where Do You Go to Change Things?

Layers/Colors (8:15)


Preferences will always be the starting point, but certain changes will then be completed locally (project-by-project basis).


Fonts (12:47)


Design options (14:34)


Symbols (18:22)

  • Callouts
    • Set in Preferences
    • Set on the fly
  • Hatches
    • Set on the fly (assigned incrementally)
  • Drawing symbols
    • Set in Preferences
    • Set on the fly (assigned incrementally)
    • Schedule symbols
    • Set on the fly (assigned incrementally)
  • Additional resources you can use for reference:


Symbol locations (24:17):

  • Callouts
    • LandFX\Blocks\Graphics\Irrigation\callouts
  • Hatches
    • Use our Hatch Patterns DWG (with our Save Hatch tool) to edit drip hatches.
  • Drawing symbols
    • LandFX\Blocks\Graphics\Irrigation\
      • Emitter
      • Equipment
      • Radius
      • Rotor
      • Spray
      • Valve
  • Schedule symbols
    • LandFX\Blocks\Graphics\Irrigation\schedule_symbols


Remember: When all is said and done, we’re just working in CAD!


Getting Started Guides (available for download at (27:17)

Our Irrigation Getting Started Guide includes a visual guide to all our default irrigation symbols.

28:58 – end: How Do You Change Things?

Setting Your Future Standard (28:58)

Accessing the Preferences screens from the ribbons (29:10)


Creating Preference Sets (29:35)

It’s a great idea to start with an existing Preference Set, such as one of our default Preference Sets, to use as a basis for new Preference Sets you create.


Modifying our default layers (colors, linetypes, plot or non-plot, etc.) (31:15)


Layer descriptions (32:05)


Auditing the layers in your custom symbols using our BatchMan tool (32:42)

This step will scan the selected symbol source block files and show you which colors are being used in them.


Editing the layers and matching each layer with its correct color (35:10)


Customization resources available in the folder LandFX\Admin (36:25)


The Land F/X Pens drawing: Available in Land F/X Admin or downloadable from our Change Land F/X Line Colors & Block Layer Color documentation page (37:00)


Setting the Pipe Data defaults for pipe classes in the Preference Set (38:55)


The option to color code sized pipe (available in the Irrigation Preferences) (39:50)


Customizing fonts/Text Styles using BatchMan (41:15)


Updating all text in the current drawing to the correct Text Styles using the REAT command (42:30)


If you’ve customized your blocks in a certain way, the software will still apply the settings from the current Preference Set.


Creating your own custom Text Style (44:35)


Customizing our default valve callout styles (45:10)


Shooting a slide for a custom callout style (49:20)


Creating a schedule symbol for a callout (49:40)


The symbol families in our irrigation symbols drawing (52:50)


Determining each symbol’s source block file name (55:20)


The schedule symbol sets (55:50)


Managing and tracking your custom symbols in the irrigation symbols drawing (58:00)


Starting a project and assigning it with a Preference Set (59:00)

Setting the Preference Set when you start a project is key – all your custom settings from that Preference Set will be applied automatically to that project.



Making Changes to Projects with Old Standards (Content Already Placed) (1:00:10)


Question: For the valve callouts, are there other attributes, like heads, that are supported? (1:00:58)


Answer: Yes, there are some. See our Customize Valve Callouts documentation for details and instructions. Also keep in mind that we can add attributes – feel free to request them as you need them.

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