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Portal Tour

Jul 24, 2020
Video Length:  44:15
Presented By:  Forrestt Williams

We'll walk you through the new Land F/X Portal. You'll learn how to create new tickets, review old tickets, review your licenses, pay for renewals, manage your cloud data, and much more.

Webinar Contents:

Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also search for content on this page using the FIND command in your browser (CTRL + F in Windows, Command + F in Mac OS.)


  • Intro
  • Portal Email Check
  • Different Portal User Roles
  • Tour of the Land F/X Portal

0:00 – 4:43: Intro

Land F/X Portal features (3:26):

  • Pay your renewals
  • View your license count
  • Find your support date
  • Find support tickets
  • Create new support ticket
  • Check your support date
  • Edit your Land F/X Users list
  • View your Could Data
  • Much more!

4:44 – 6:54: Portal Email Check

6:55 – 9:14: Different Portal User Roles


User types (6:55):

  • Primary contact: Administrator by default
  • All other users: Standard User or Administrator. Can be set as Accounts Payable.


User Roles (7:45)

Standard User vs. Administrator (7:45):

  • Administrator: Access to editing other users, payment history, and everything else
  • Standard User: Access to everything except Users and Payment History


Accounts Payable title (8:50)

Accounts Payable is a flag in our system for whom to contact in your organization for billing information and questions.

9:15 – end: Tour of the Land F/X Portal

Accessing the Portal (9:35)

Note that you won't have a Portal account automatically. You'll need to register.


Registering for a Portal account (10:07)


Logging in to the Portal (10:50)


Dashboard tab (11:55)


Making a new ticket (12:10)


News, Events, and Content tabs (12:30)


Land F/X Update section (13:18)


Community Forum (13:30)


Navigation pane (13:56)


Editing your profile (14:00)


Account tab (14:25)


Editing your company address (14:50)


Access buttons (15:13)


Licenses tab (15:27)


License counts and status (15:55)


Managing your Land F/X licenses (License Management button) 15:16)


Installations & Installation Guide (16:45)


Adding an installation to your server (18:12)


Accessing the installation instructions for the product you are installing (19:45)


Emailing the installation instructions (20:04)


Adding a new server (20:45)


Removing installations (21:50)


Assigning an icon to an installation (22:40)


Paying renewals (23:39)


Requesting a quote for new licenses (23:50)


Payment history (24:08)


Requesting to be added as an Administrator (24:20)


Data tab (25:20)


Items you can access and edit in the Data tab (25:45):

  • Project List
  • Your Custom Plants
  • Your Custom Plant User Fields


Project List (26:00)


Editing a project description (27:05)



Viewing your Preference Sets (27:15)


Importing projects (27:22)


Viewing and editing your custom plants (29:36)


Viewing and editing your custom plant user fields (31:22)


Support tab (33:30)


Searching for an issue and solution in our Knowledge Base and documentation (33:40)


Making a new ticket (34:02)


Making a feature request (34:15)


Scheduling a personalized training session (34:45)


Viewing your support history (35:47)


Users tab (37:03)


Editing or deleting user information (37:40)


Accounts Payable users (38:25)


Changing your primary contact (39:10)


Future ideas, including schedules that integrate with the Portal (40:20):


Your Portal login is the same as your login for our app. (42:24)

Log in to landfx.com: