Climate Positive Design – Going Beyond Neutral
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Climate Positive Design – Going Beyond Neutral

Friday, 02 October 2020
Video Length:  54:19
Presented By:  Eustacia Brossart of CMG

It's time for landscape architects to rethink our climate impact. If we work to minimize the carbon emissions from the built environment, we can help solve the climate crisis. The Climate Positive Design Challenge is a call to action that empowers designer and client alike to foster a better designed environment. Join Eustacia Brossart of CMG as she lays out the Challenge and demonstrates the latest version of Pathfinder, a free Web-based landscape carbon calculator app to help you analyze your site plan. Eustacia will show how the global landscape architecture profession has the opportunity to remove one gigaton of CO2 from the atmosphere voluntarily, without new mandates or policies, by 2050 – a potential reversal of the 200 million tons of additional emissions currently projected for the same period at the present rate. We have the tools to go beyond neutral and be climate positive.

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