2020 Recap
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2020 Recap

Dec 11, 2020
Video Length:  53:39
Presented By:  Jeremiah Farmer

A year without trade shows has provided an unexpected opportunity for us to focus even more on our development tasks. We'll show off a few of the numerous features we rolled out in 2020, and give you a sneak peek at what we have in store for next year. Join us as we put the year under wraps and look ahead to a fun and productive future.

Webinar Contents:

Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also search for content on this page using the FIND command in your browser (CTRL + F in Windows, Command + F in Mac OS.)


  • Intro/TOC
  • Tour of Our Development Process
  • 2020 Accomplishments
  • Notable New Features

0:00 – 2:14: Intro/TOC

2:15 – 6:34: Tour of Our Development Process

  • Monthly development meetings
  • Dev ideas
  • Wishlist
  • Top priority
  • Code
  • Test
  • Document
  • Friday release
  • Power Tip


Our team (4:13)

6:35 – 18:58: 2020 Accomplishments

0 trade shows (6:50)

  • No arbitrary deadlines for development items
  • Contrasted with 2019, with everything put into our Lighting tools for the IA New Product Contest


60 newsletters (8:16)


47 Power Tip videos (8:50)


48 webinars (10:00)


5,000 new plants (10:30)


800 new blocks (11:55)


62 updates (plus 3 more pending as of presentation time) (12:32)

  • 5,942 lines of code
  • 33 lines of code per day


Lists of new features and hotfixes from 2020:

  • General features (14:15)
  • Details features (14:55)
  • RefNotes & lighting features (15:22)
  • Planting features (16:37)
  • Irrigation features (16:55)
  • Hotfixes (17:10)


Coming soon (18:35):

  • Site Amenities color picker
  • Plant database expansion
  • Revised Grading Manager
  • Revised Schematic Irrigation
  • Revit plugin

18:59 – end: Notable New Features

FX Admin features (20:08)

Organization tab in the Projects screen (20:08)


Ability to restore a UCS from an Xref (20:45)


Work Area callouts are now framed MLeaders (21:22)


FX Site features (22:17)

New Plan Graphics blocks (such as motorcycles) (22:17)


New keyboard commands for generic blocks, including cycling through different views and flipping a block (22:45)


Docked-only RefNotes Manager (22:55)


Default Callout and Default Schedule buttons added to RefNotes Preferences (24:40)


Importing RefNotes from another project automatically moves any assigned details to the detail folder for the present project (big time saver!) (25:09)


Details Features (26:00)

New cloud-connected options for standard detail division lists, managed by us (26:00)


Ability to search detail titles in the Detail Explorer (27:37)


Ability to add photos or other images to details (28:29)


Detail Viewport feature (command-only as of presentation time), which adds the viewport and its contents automatically to the detail sheet and allows it to be placed immediately as a detail (29:15)


Detail Renumber button in Detail Manager (31:30)


Naked detail callouts are now editable MText fields (32:00)


Planting features (34:00)

Ability to convert circles in a drawing to blocks, such as trees or shrubs using Match Properties (34:00)


Improved functionality of the Stipple hatch pattern (35:55)


New Shrub Area boundary options (37:20)


Restyled plant symbol selection dialog box (38:00)


Decimal point precision in coverage for Concept Design Groups (40:00)


Irrigation features (40:40)

Circuiting zone callouts are now framed MLeaders (40:40)


Locate Valve tool added to the ribbon, and now includes clickable headers for sorting, as well as a clickable entry for the water source (41:00)


Colorize Zones allows colorization of valves, which is saved with the valve (41:35)


Multiple symbol families added for rotary head symbol selection (42:30)


Question: Is it possible to set a landing distance for the Work Area callout box? (44:00)

Answer: Yes, through the Properties panel and the Select Similar menu option.


Recap of the Detail Viewport tool (45:05)


Revamped LTSCALE documentation (51:35)

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