Design F/X Overview
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Design F/X Overview

Friday, 08 January 2021
Presented By:  Paul Houchin

Design F/X incorporates a comprehensive detail system with a collection of tools that replace (and improve on) native AutoCAD tools. To supplement the substantial amount of video content we’ve already created on the detail side, we wanted to focus on this toolbox designed to streamline your drafting process. Take a tour of the many time-saving features included in a Design F/X license.

Webinar Contents:

Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also search for content on this page using the FIND command in your browser (CTRL + F in Windows, Command + F in Mac OS.)


  • Intro/TOC
  • What is Design F/X?
  • Demonstration of CAD Tools Included with Design F/X
  • Final Words

0:00 – 2:53: Intro/TOC

2:54 – 4:37: What is Design F/X?

Design F/X is our general drafting and detailing add-on for AutoCAD.


If you're using F/X CAD, you know you need a Land F/X add-on to use it. Design F/X is an affordable solution.


Included with Design F/X are several CAD tools that are improved versions of AutoCAD tools, available in one package and supported by us.


Alternatives to these can be created with LISP routines but with certain conditions:

  • You need a full version of AutoCAD.
  • You need an understanding of using AutoLISP.
  • It's up to you to manage these routines.
  • Security risk.
  • Lack of support.

4:38 – 52:10: Demonstration of CAD Tools Included with Design F/X

Painting with hatches using our P-Hatch tool (5:18)


XCOPY and XCORO (replace and simplify the native AutoCAD MOCORO command) (7:23)


fxREF tool (improved and simplified way to attach other files to your drawing as external references, or Xrefs) (9:37)


Land F/X Text Manager (simplified and user-friendly way to manage fonts assigned to various Land F/X functions) (12:13)


Land F/X dimension tools (automated styles assigned to specific dimensions used in your drawings – a simplified and user-friendly adaptation of the native AutoCAD dimensions) (14:40)


Land F/X UCS tool (simple and quick way to set up a user coordinate system, or UCS – a specific view of your drawing) 17:28)


Cleaning tools to combat drawing corruption, including Nuke and our manual cleaning steps and tools (Thaw All, All On, Overkill, Delete RegApps, Reload All Linetypes, Audit, Instant Purge, and Clean Export) (20:35)


Export to Land F/X Support (tool to quickly package and send your drawing and Land F/X project to our technical support team) (26:03)


BatchMan (batch processing tool that makes it easy to maintain standards across multiple drawing files) (27:55)


Load and Save Layers tool (aka Layer States) (saved layer settings for color, linetype, lineweight, etc. that can be applied instantly to any drawing) (31:10)


Change All Layer Colors (easy way to make changes to the layer colors in a single drawing) (32:55)


Note that if you hover your mouse on any of our tool buttons in CAD, you'll see a description of that tool.


XLayer (allows you to edit layers in an Xref from within your main drawing without opening that file or exiting the drawing) (34:45)


SuperLayIso (instantly isolate a layer in your drawing, making everything outside that layer temporarily invisible) (37:00)


SuperLayFreeze (make a layer in your drawing temporarily invisible by freezing it) (37:44)


Thaw All and All On (make layers visible that you've hidden using SuperLayIso or SuperLayFreeze) (38:20)


PolyDivide (divide a closed polyline area into equal parts) (38:40)


Chop (automates the native AutoCAD Trim tool, which removes excess linework segments) (40:17)


SuperJoin (quick and simple way to simplify chaotic and messy linework by joining segments together) (42:22)


Reload All Text Styles (REAT) (updates drawings to reflect changes you've made to text settings in your Preferences) (45:09)


Redefine Block (updates block references in your drawing whose source files have been edited) (45:55)


Remove Xdata (remove Land F/X data assigned to a block, turning it into a normal AutoCAD block) (48:08)


Drive tool (learn our keyboard commands by "driving" one of our vehicle blocks around your plan) (48:30)


Import CSV (import coordinates such as survey points from CSV files) (49:50)


Preferences (set your standards for layers, text, and other settings) (50:00)


Details tools (50:40)


Detail hatch (51:00)

Note that our hatches respect your plot scale.


Plot Scale tool (our quick and simple way to set your scale for printing) (51:40)

52:11 – end: Final Words

With Design F/X, you get all these great tools alongside a robust detailing system, all in one package.


You also get active and responsive support from us. This includes a doorway of communication allowing you to request new tools and features.


Note that our fxREF tool automatically places Xrefs at 0,0. (53:20)

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