F/X CAD 2022
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F/X CAD 2022

Jun 18, 2021
Video Length:  56:56
Presented By:  Amanda Marin
We're introducing F/X CAD 2022, and it's a big update. This new version includes a powerful Count palette – the perfect companion for your Land F/X tools. Other major improvements include interface enhancement with Floating Windows, plus the addition of the Live Maps feature. Find out why F/X CAD 2022 is well worth the upgrade.

Webinar Contents:

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  • Intro/TOC
  • About F/X CAD 2022
  • Pricing
  • Who Should Use It?
  • Key Differences
  • Key Changes Review
  • Opening Civil Files and Migrating Settings

0:00 – 5:57: Intro/TOC

5:58 – 13:20: About F/X CAD 2022

Supported versions (5:58)


What is F/X CAD? (6:48)

  • Only for Land F/X users (requires an active Land F/X license)
  • Command-limited version of AutoCAD (OEM)
  • Similar to AutoCAD LT
  • Sold and supported by us
  • Requires us to change the name – but it's a genuine AutoCAD engine
  • PC only (run on Mac through Parallels or VMWare Fusion)


What F/X CAD 2022 can and can't do (8:57)


  • Open/Save any version of DWG, DXF, DGN
  • Geolocate plans for export
  • Insert raster images
  • Import/Export PDF
  • Use Live Maps
  • Auto-complete Command Line
  • View proxy objects (Civil 3D, Architectural, Mechanical)
  • Run any AutoCAD command designers use regularly
  • Use Sheet Set Manager
  • Access 3D Connection for SketchUp, Rhino, and Revit
  • Customize interface and shortcuts
  • Get you direct support from us!
  • Install on two machines for the same person



  • Run AutoLISP scripts or other add-ons
  • Run without a Land F/X License
  • Use AutoCAD's Rendering, Lighting, or 3D commands
  • Be installed on more than two machines, or have a second installation used by another person

13:21 – 17:15: Pricing

17:16 – 19:49: Who Should Use It?

  • Those who are dedicated Land F/X users and will be maintaining their Land F/X license long-term
  • Sole practitioner or small firm looking to reduce costs, used to using AutoCAD LT or AutoCAD without add-ons
  • Mid-or large-size firm looking to reduce costs by having some users on F/X CAD, and only those trained in Civil on Civil 3D
  • Anybody who prefers to update every 2 to 3 years and wants to remain on a perpetual license
  • Anybody wanting to stay up to date at a reduced cost, with the security of knowing F/X CAD will only be released when it's confirmed compatible with Land F/X
  • Those who've experienced the difference between other CAD support and Land F/X support

19:50 – 28:37: Key Differences

Installation process – only what you need (19:57)


Why upgrade from F/X CAD 2017–2021 to 2022? (22:26)

  • Quicker adjustments to updates and changes
  • Easier to send and receive files from other firms
  • Cost easier on budget
  • New features each year
  • Interface will match our most recent training videos
  • You'll have the same version our tech support staff is using – helps answer questions and solve issues more quickly
  • Encourages your office to keep up with computer maintenance

28:38 – 52:50: Key Changes Review

What's new with F/X CAD 2022? (28:38)

  • ACAD ribbon improvement 6.0
    • New 2022 tools, plus user requests for easier access.
      • Add Layer Previous next to SuperLayIso.
      • More in the Quick Access Toolbar: Copy at Base Point and XLayer.
  • Floating windows: Work on 2 DWG files simultaneously in the same instance of F/X CAD.
  • Count palette: See block counts in real time, with additional highlighting and error-checking options that work great combined with Land F/X tools.
  • Live Maps: Previously in the "Can't" list for F/X CAD, it's now in the "Can" list!
  • Multicore support: With the right hardware, get a performance boost.


Cleaned-up Start screen (30:37)


Floating tabs (31:19)

Quick Access Toolbar updates (34:02)

  • Layer Previous button added next to SuperLayIso in Quick Access Toolbar (34:11)
  • XLayer (35:15)
  • Copy with Basepoint (36:15)


Snap to Underlays, Data Extraction, and Hyperlink added to Insert ribbon (38:17)


Design Center added to View ribbon (38:29)


Count palette added to View ribbon (39:03)


Live Maps (47:12)

52:51 – end: Opening Civil Drawings and Migrating Your Settings

Opening a Civil drawing (52:51)


Migrating your settings (54:40)


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