Slow Land F/X Performance Troubleshooting
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Slow Land F/X Performance Troubleshooting

Jul 09, 2021
Video Length:  1:00:19
Presented By:  Mike Bennett
The Land F/X plugin is intended to save you time, so what do you do if you're finding yourself staring at the screen waiting for your computer or CAD to catch up while doing as simple as selecting a new symbol for your tree? Well you could be leaving previous seconds on the table due to simple misconfigurations or if your work environment has changed, such as going remote, perhaps your configuration needs to as well to adapt to that. Let's take a look at some common snags that can both take away or give you back time from your day when it comes to the Land F/X plugin.

Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also search for content on this page using the FIND command in your browser (CTRL + F in Windows, Command + F in Mac OS.)


  • Intro/TOC
  • Land F/X Database Connection
  • Web Connection
  • Overall Network Speed
  • Computer Hardware
  • Design vs. Configuration Slowness

0:00 – 5:01: Intro/TOC

The issues covered in this presentation are also covered in our Slow Land F/X Performance: Troubleshooting Knowledge Base article. (2:27)


What can cause slow performance? (3:08)

  • Land F/X database connection
  • Web connection
  • Overall network speed
  • Computer hardware
  • Design vs. configuration slowness

5:02 – 12:27: Land F/X Database Connection

Potential pitfalls with the database connection (5:07):

  • Database host/server
  • Client/workstation
  • DNS
  • Internet connection


DNS is the most common cause of headaches with the database connection. It translates "MyPCName" to a physical address such as


Pieces of the database connection (6:17):

  • Client/workstation
    • ODBC connector using "MyServer"
  • Database server/host
    • Address:
    • Host name: "MyServer"
  • Public DNS server

12:28 – 15:27: Web Connection

  • Internet connection to
  • Simple to test
  • Uses Internet Explorer – even if you don't
  • Has to reach
  • Automatically routes to endpoint with lowest latency

15:28 – 29:23: Overall Network Speed

Network speed depends on the combination of:

  • Network card in the computer
  • Router
  • Individual connection points (each end of wire)
  • Signal quality (Wi-Fi)


Why these speeds matter (18:49)


The effect of latency on loading planting symbols (20:19)


Latency and shared online folders (examples: Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox) (23:04)


How to test for latency (25:39)

29:24 – 48:06: Computer Hardware

Storage media/hard drives (29:51)


Random access (31:02)


Example: Why a solid state drive (SSD) is a better option (34:05)


How to check whether you have an SSD (45:57)

48:07 – end: Design vs. Configuration Slowness

How to differentiate between design and configuration delays (48:24):

  • Large designs can contain many thousands of objects.
  • Some functions will inherently require more time:
    • Sizing a mainline with thousands of dripline areas
    • Sizing a mainline with an excessive number of loops causes hundreds of valve paths.
  • Updates bring efficiency improvements:
    • Reduced a workflow that took 45 minutes down to 15 minutes.


Diagnosing color plans (50:14)

Colorized plans can drag at times – especially when:

  • Opening
  • Saving
  • Plotting


A few quick tricks (50:40):

  • Freeze the groundcovers/Shrub Areas.
  • Select new color symbols using solid fills vs. gradients.
  • Try a third-party PDF plotter.


Discussion of the possibility of diminishing returns on added RAM (you likely won't need any more than 16 GB) (51:41)


Distinguishing between a design issue vs. a configuration issue (54:23):

  • Does the problem occur in just one file? Or all your files?
  • If you have multiple users, are they all having the same problem?
  • If you're looking at a delay, time it. How long does it take to complete what operation?
  • Are you accessing remote/network files?
    • If so, copy those files to your local system and try again. Any change?


Can't figure it out? Send us a technical support ticket. (56:49)


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