Brutal Truths of Software
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Brutal Truths of Software

Sep 10, 2021
Video Length:  44:13
Presented By:  Krystal Bozarth

Software can develop a bad rap in the absence of some crucial conversations during the investigation, purchasing, and even implementation phases. Asking yourself the difficult questions (and not being afraid of the answers) will help you think critically and understand what you might be getting into. We’ll cover some brutal-truth topics that might be hard to hear, but will help you build a strong foundation for your foray into software adoption.

Webinar Contents:

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  • Intro/TOC
  • Elephant in the Room
  • Silent Expectations
  • Youth Taking Over
  • Software Isn't Going to Replace You
  • Software Can't Do It All
  • This is the Future
  • Software is Not a Luxury Purchase
  • You Do Have Time
  • Software is Not Free
  • Computers Don't Last Forever
  • You Need More Licenses
  • Implementation is Nagging
  • Get Comfortable Evaluating Office Standards
  • You Don't Need to Use EVERY Feature to Make It Worth the Cost
  • It's Hard, Not Impossible
  • Managers: Stop Expecting People to Learn in Their Free Time
  • Pop-Ups Mean Something
  • Software Does Work
  • Think About It This Way

0:00 – 3:42: Intro/TOC

3:43 – 5:13: Elephant in the Room

It's actually not about buying software itself. It's about changing your comfort zone and spending money.

5:14 – 6:13: Silent Expectations

Common expectations about software:

  • Shouldn't be expensive
  • Should be an app I download for free on my phone
  • Should download instantly, just the way I want, with no effort
  • Shouldn't be hard to learn because it should be so easy a monkey could do it

6:14 – 8:07: Youth Taking Over

The younger generation is going into more positions that make decisions, which will inevitably lead to higher expectations and requirements for software skills – not only from employers but from clients and the competition.

8:08 – 9:26: Software Isn't Going to Replace You

Software is a tool to help you. Designers will still be in demand to know plant placement, spacing, water needs, etc. If you invest in your skills, you make yourself more valuable and irreplaceable.

9:27 – 12:34: Software Can't Do It All

We always say that if your design software can help you place your symbols, check for errors, and run a schedule in 3 clicks, that in itself is going to pay for the software.


In our case, you have the ear of the developer. In fact, several of our clients have their own button simply because they asked us for it.

12:35 – 17:11: This is the Future

Software isn't going anywhere. The longer you wait to adopt it, the more difficult it will become. The effort you put into it is what you will get out of it.


Companies need to start looking at what how they will adapt to accept this tech age.


Cheaper is not always better.


A large number of tech support issues brought to our team center on old computers that need to be replaced.

17:12 – 18:30: Software is Not a Luxury Purchase

Software is just another tool, like a camera, truck, etc. It's about getting the job done.

18:31 – 19:18: You Do Have Time

It's important to prioritize your time. Delegate and train.

19:17 – 21:38: Software is Not Free

We've heard of companies using a full-time salary on someone who maintains their "free" software.

21:39 – 23:54: Computers Don't Last Forever

Maintenance is key, along with ensuring you can get the most out of your computers for the longest amount of time. If you are not tech savvy, hire someone.


For the managers out there: Giving your employees quality equipment really does help them feel valued.

23:55 – 25:00: You Need More Licenses

It's really not a good idea to only buy one license for more than one employee to use. You will lose productivity.

25:01 – 28:36: Implementation is Nagging

Implementation of software starts with getting employees licenses and getting them to use them. You'll also need someone to be on top of it, reminding and helping people.


Trying to start your company off with one license will set you up for failure. Also, you have a higher chance of a discount if you purchase more licenses at once.


If you only start with one license, you won't have enough employees actually using it to build a good knowledge base for it within your firm.

28:37 – 31:12: Get Comfortable Evaluating Office Standards

Companies often hold onto hold onto their office standards for dear life, to their detriment.


It's important to ask yourself, Why did we set the standard up this way? Much of the time, standards have been set a certain way because of limitations of CAD. If you have a tool that can help you transcend those limitations, there's no point in holding onto that standard.


With all due respect, your symbol is not that unique.

31:13 – 33:51: You Don't Need to Use EVERY Feature to Make It Worth the Cost

If the software only has a certain number of features that appeal to you, you can use it for those particular features and it can still be more than worth the purchase.

33:52 – 34:41: It's Hard, Not Impossible

"I trained 4 years to run 9 seconds and people give up when they don't see results in 2 months." –Usain Bolt

34:42 – 35:48: Managers: Stop Expecting People to Learn in Their Free Time

Create an atmosphere to allow time for expanding knowledge and skills.


By encouraging your employees, you set them up for success and better fulfillment. They are happier, which shows in their work and attitude.

35:49 – 38:14: Pop-Ups Mean Something

Don't just click OK. The pop-up is trying to tell you something.


The more you ignore it, the worse it's going to be.

38:15 – 40:03: Software Does Work

It might just not be the way you work. There are different ways to do things. Different doesn't mean wrong.

40:04 – end: Think About It This Way

Would you say you are going to keep riding your bike because a car is too expensive?


Are you going to ask the hardware store for a discount on a hammer because you only use X days out of the year?


Are you not going to buy music because you won't listen to it every single day?

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