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Truecolor in CAD

Nov 19, 2021
Video Length:  52:45
Presented By:  Paul Houchin

We’ve recently revamped our Site Color tool to accommodate user requests for better customization options. The color wheels available within the tool are now tied to color books, allowing you to customize palettes for RefNotes, concept graphics, land use regions, and other color areas. Take a full-color tour of the new Site Color features, and get ready to take your tones to the next level.

Webinar Contents:

Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also search for content on this page using the FIND command in your browser (CTRL + F in Windows, Command + F in Mac OS.)


  • Intro/TOC
  • Using Color in AutoCAD
  • Coloring with Land F/X
  • Site Color Wheels
  • Demonstration of Using the Land F/X Coloring Systems

0:00 – 3:39: Intro/TOC

3:40 – 13:54: Using Color in AutoCAD

AutoCAD has three different color modules for assigning color (4:26):

  • AutoCAD Color Index (Index Color)
  • True Color
  • Color Books


AutoCAD Color Index (Index Color) (4:44)

  • Standard AutoCAD colors each identified with a number 1 through 255.
  • In drafting, these colors help distinguish layers of geometry.
  • When plotting using a CTB, you can control the final output for each color value.
  • Typically plot in black and white.
  • Used for translating color to lineweights and other object display settings.


True Color (7:05)

  • Sincere representation of Color.
  • RGB values (intensities of red, green, and blue) can be entered manually.
  • Allows you to choose any perceivable colors.


Color Books (8:24)

  • Sets or palettes of colors.
  • This includes color profiles for the color standards of Pantone colors, RAL, Classic, and DIC Color Guide.
  • Users can create custom color blocks but in a roundabout sort of way.
  • Custom color books require the online tool accessed through a Web browser.
  • When finished with the custom color book, download the ACB (.acb) file and place it into the Support File Search Path.


We recommend using Color ByLayer when using color in CAD, and that you only not use this setting when absolutely necessary. (11:45)

13:55 – 19:48: Coloring with Land F/X

  • Our coloring tools are integrated with AutoCAD color systems.
  • Blocks from our block library are built with color layers for quick use.
  • Area tools choose color from a group of options, and this choice is saved into the project data.
  • The data behind Land F/X objects make color management a breeze.


Land F/X color tools (15:35)

Color Render (15:35)

  • A tool for assigning color to plant symbols as well as plant and Reference Note (RefNote) areas.
  • When Color Render is turned on, the system swaps black-and-white symbols and hatch patterns with the assigned color alternatives.
  • Allows for the quick transformation of a construction plan into a presentation plan.


Concept and Zoning Areas (16:55)

  • By design, these areas are intended to be placed with color.
  • Color is chosen when the objects are initially set up.


Site Color (17:46)

  • A tool for creating custom True Color palettes.
  • Allows for quick placement of solid and gradient hatches on specified layers.
  • Turns on color layers in generic blocks.

19:49 – 22:26: Site Color Wheels

  • These wheels now translate to custom color books.
  • No longer need to use Autodesk's Web tool to create color books.
  • Color books can be used to choose colors for items such as Concept Graphics.
  • Eventually, this will also allow you to customize groundcover and Shrub Area colors.

22:27 – end: Demonstration of Using the Land F/X Coloring Systems

Assigning color to objects (23:41)


Assigning a layer to linework (24:18)


Assigning a color to a line (24:44)


Assigning a solid color to a hatched area (26:17)


Coloring an area using a Land F/X tool (example: Zoning) (27:46)


Placing and coloring Concept Areas and Concept Lines (Concept Graphics) (29:56)


Using the Color Render tool, and why the Site Color tool does not yet work with plants as of presentation time (32:15)


Turning on the Site Color tool (37:33)


Our default Site Color wheels (39:52)


Using the eyedropper feature to select a color in your drawing and see its exact color value (41:25)

The eyedropper feature cannot be used on an image referenced (Xrefed) into a drawing, but you can use a downloadable color picker app, such as Sip, for this purpose.


Customizing color plant symbols (reference our Edit Our Default Color Plant Symbols article) (45:36)


Regenerating the Plant Schedule for the schedule plant symbols to show up in color (49:09)

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