Details for Beginners
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Details for Beginners

Friday, 16 September 2022
Video Length:  1:01:06
Presented By:  Paul Houchin

Looking to use the Land F/X tools for creating and organizing details in CAD, but not sure where to start? You’re in the right place. Take a full tour of our detail system, where you’ll learn how to navigate our detail library, find the details you need, and use them in your drawing set. We’ll also show you how easy it is to draft your own details and save them into your system.


Use our Save an Old Detail into the Land F/X Library checklist to stay on track for each detail.


Webinar Contents:

Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also search for content on this page using the FIND command in your browser (CTRL + F in Windows, Command + F in Mac OS.)


  • Intro/TOC
  • Overview of the Land F/X Detail System
  • Overview of Basic Land F/X Detail Tools
  • Exploring the Detail Explorer
  • Adding Details to a Project
  • Basic Sheet Setup
  • Placing Details
  • Detail Creation Tools
  • Saving Details into the Library

0:00 – 4:10: Intro/TOC

4:11 – 4:48: Overview of the Land F/X Detail System

Add, edit, organize, and place details from the library without leaving CAD.

4:49 – 16:56: Overview of Basic Land F/X Detail Tools

Detail Explorer for navigating your collection of details (5:13)


Detail Manager for adding details to projects, placing them on sheets, and more (6:26)


Detail Templates (7:13)

  • Template sizes (7:38)
  • Detail scale, units, and extensions (8:01)
  • Detail Template overview (8:27)
  • Placing a Detail Template around detail linework before annotating or placing hatches or anything else that needs to be scaled (9:05)
  • Examples of different detail scales (9:23)


Save Detail tool for saving your details into our system (10:05)

Saving a detail (10:30)


Edit Detail (11:33)

Editing a detail you've already placed on a sheet (11:33)


Update Details tool for applying the edits you've made to details you've already placed (11:50)


Detail builder tools (12:06)

  • Detail Hatch tool (12:10)
  • Detail Graphics (Detail Blocks, Plan Graphics, Elevation Graphics, and Discipline Graphics) (12:30)


Bubble Callouts (13:23)


Detail Annotation tools (Leaders with text, Leaders without text, Detail Text, and multi-line text, or MText) (13:53)


Detail Dimension tools (14:42)


Detail Callout tools (15:05)

  • Detail Callout tool, which allows you to call out a placed detail in a plan or another detail, and consists of the detail title, the detail number as it's placed on a sheet, and the sheet number where it resides (15:09)
  • Placeholder tool, which places a dummy callout with no number or page number for a detail you know you'll need to call out but you don't know where it will be yet (15:37)
  • Associate Callout tool, which allows you to assign a Placeholder Callout to a detail when you're ready, turning it into a regular Detail Callout (16:03)

16:57 – 21:14: Exploring the Detail Explorer

The default Land F/X detail libraries (17:00)


Navigating to and selecting a detail (18:08)


Creating a new detail category (18:26)

21:15 – 26:26: Adding Details to a Project

Creating a new project (if necessary (21:25)


Option to create a detail folder when creating a new project, which will house copies of the details you use in that project (22:03)

You can also create this folder from within the Detail Explorer or the Detail Manager.


Our recommendations for organizing your details (23:39)


Adding details to a project using the Detail Manager (24:53)


Viewing a preview of a detail (25:30)


Why we recommend selecting the option to Copy to detail folder (25:33)

26:27 – 27:30: Basic Sheet Setup

Opening an AutoCAD drawing template and selecting a sheet size (26:35)


Placing a title block (27:06)

27:31 – 33:36: Placing Details

Placing a detail from the Detail Manager (27:31)


Assigning a layout to a sheet to allow the project to recognize the sheet (27:49)


Numbering the detail (28:28)


Placing a Sheet Template to make it easier to place details on a sheet (29:16)


The Sheet Index (available in the Detail Manager) (30:28)


Creating a sheet and assigning it to a layout using the Sheet Index (31:04)


Copying a detail into a project-specific detail folder from within the Detail Explorer (31:32)


Refreshing a detail that's locked open from within the Detail Manager (33:01)

33:37 – 47:39: Detail Creation Tools

Brief discussion on customizing details (33:37)

For detailed information on customizing details, see our documentation section on customizing details to your standards.

The importance of scaling detail drawings at 1 to 1 (35:29)


Selecting the drawing units when creating a detail and verifying that the units are set correctly using the Distance command (36:01)

Placing a Detail Template around the detail linework to allow the detail to be saved into the Land F/X detail library (37:20)


Keyboard commands to size a Detail Template appropriately when placing it (38:23):

  • Q and E keys make the scale large or smaller.
  • W, S, A, and D keys adjust the Template size.
  • Z and C keys adjust the width extension of the Template.


Using the Land F/X Detail Annotation and Detail Builder tools in conjunction with the Match Properties tool to ensure your scaled objects, including hatches and annotations, are scaled correctly in your detail (39:42):

  • Detail Leader with Text (40:37)
  • Dimensions (44:42)
  • Multiline text (MText) (45:06)
  • Hatches (45:52)
  • Layers (Layer States) (47:21)

47:40 – end: Saving Details into the Library

Saving a detail into the Land F/X detail library using our Save Detail tool (47:40)


Editing a detail from a sheet using our Edit Detail tool (50:33)


Updating the changes made to an edited detail on a sheet using our Update Detail tool (51:27)


Detail Callouts (52:07)


Changing the Detail Callout style (54:32)


Placeholder Callouts and Associate Callout (55:21)


Detail Viewport (56:40)

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