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Manufacturer Spotlight with Baseline

Nov 30, 2012
Video Length:  1 Hr 7 Min
Presented By:  David Farmer & Jon Peters

This week’s webinar is being presented by Jon Peters of Baseline, a company that makes advanced irrigation control systems. Their product focus is on smart water management technology, and this is an important webinar for all irrigation designers wanting to know more about this type of technology.

Baseline’s approach to irrigation control is a “two-wire” system, where there are only two wires running from the irrigation controller to the valves in the field, instead of a conventional system with a large bundle of wires. With this type of system, each valve has a special “decoder” which receives a signal to let the valve know when to operate and for how long. The advantages to such a system are evident in its simplicity and sophistication, and allows for a very flexible system that is easily expanded and is capable of greater number of stations than a conventional system.

Mr. Peters will also inform our webinar attendees of Baseline’s sophisticated line of Soil Moisture Sensors, which automatically adjust with the season plant water needs. All of this connects to an irrigation controller system, and Mr. Peters will explain the advantages and features of their line of intelligent irrigation controllers and how they affect water management procedures.

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