Manufacturer Spotlight: Lasco Fittings, Inc.
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Manufacturer Spotlight: Lasco Fittings, Inc.

Jul 12, 2013
Presented By:  Rick Williamson

Land F/X is happy to announce that LASCO Fittings is a new Supporting Manufacturer, and their product line can now be found within the Land F/X. 

The LASCO product line of fittings, swing joints, riser assemblies, and manifolds are best represented by the details created for our designs, and LASCO has commissioned over 60 professional details to be created conforming to the Land F/X Detail System.  These details help you, the irrigation designer, to better specify the best possible installation methods for their product line.  LASCO Fittings details are available and can be found via the Detail Explorer.  

Presented by:

Rick Williamson
Spec Manager
(386) 451-2307

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